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Salam Cafe on SBS Wednesdays at 10 pm

Given the running around in circles that has tended to beset the comments here every time Islam gets mentioned — need I mention the latest example? — it seems appropriate to plug this show. I’ll certainly be giving it a go.


Meanwhile on another front…

Would someone like to explain how the NSW Young Liberals’ Dob in a Leftie Campaign (aka Make Education Fair) is all that different, really, from the reported activities of the Council of Imams and others on the subject of a pomo feminist course on Women in Islam at the University of Western Sydney?


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For every history there are alternative histories…

That is one theme to emerge from two of the DVDs from Surry Hills Library I viewed in the past few days.

First was Carthage: The Roman Holocaust from Channel Four. There were thinly veiled references throughout to our current mythologising as we saw how an empire that lasted for eight centuries finally went down to a ruthless superpower who then blithely rewrote its history, traducing and expunging as they went, so that the patriotic soap opera, utterly spurious as history, so elegantly phrased in Virgil’s Aeneid became the remembered version, and the fanatical terrorist Cato became an ongoing folk hero for conservatives. Good as a dose of salts, a bit patchy in production, but well worth watching.

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