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Meet a blog: Egalitaria

This one came up because one entry — see below — appeared in the “hot posts” on WordPress when I logged in just now. Aha, a woman, and a Christian, from Malaysia, but very much interested in dialogue with Islam, and living in a Muslim majority country. Now that, I thought, is appropriate, given some of the heat that was rising from the comment thread here.

Egalitaria is Tricia Yeoh.

She is an idealist dreamer who seeks to uphold social justice this side of heaven. She loves her guitar, writing, singing, speaking up for what is right but is admittedly hopeless with directions.

The writings and opinions written on this weblog do not in any way or in any capacity represent the organisation(s) the writer is affiliated with. The contents of Egalitaria are based purely on the writer’s personal thoughts and opinions.

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There’s this guy who goes looking for chooks…

Now that might not seem a scenario for a great bit of television, not to mention a celebration of the extraordinary in the ordinary, but that is just what it turned out to be. Rare Chicken Rescue last night on ABC1: did you see it?

Rare chicken breeder Mark Tully goes on a 10,000km journey across Australia to track down endangered poultry. He has more than 200 breeds among his 2000 chickens, which he claims have saved his life.

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Good morning, Windows XP users

Did you get the new Service Pack today? Fun, wasn’t it?

Did your Wizard have a “clean-up” phase too? Mine did.

I wonder what it cleaned up, since Ccleaner managed to find 144 things to clean after Windows had cleaned… 😉

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