There’s this guy who goes looking for chooks…

07 May

Now that might not seem a scenario for a great bit of television, not to mention a celebration of the extraordinary in the ordinary, but that is just what it turned out to be. Rare Chicken Rescue last night on ABC1: did you see it?

Rare chicken breeder Mark Tully goes on a 10,000km journey across Australia to track down endangered poultry. He has more than 200 breeds among his 2000 chickens, which he claims have saved his life.

Tully has battled with depression and has been so low that he became a recluse for nearly five years. The only thing that enticed him out of the house was caring for his beloved birds.

His mission is to find examples of the Sumatran, Phoenix, Transylvanian Naked Neck and Azeel poultry breeds, which he says are a significant part of Australia’s cultural heritage. They are under threat because chicken producers concentrate on the breeds that grow and lay quickest and biggest to satisfy the market.

Tully discovers a close and nurturing bond with the poultry ‘fanciers’ around the country that also aids his recovery from mental illness. But local government rules brings a fight for his own birds’ survival.


That’s the site of the place the program was about. See also a trailer in the VodPod down at the bottom of my home page.

Foreign Correspondent followed up with Iraq – US Marines & the War, Five Years On. It was an OK program, but not all that informative really. Nonetheless, I think I learned something about brainwashing…  A transcript should appear there soon.

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