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Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter on Talking Heads tonight

Turn off Channels 7, 9 and 10 at 6.30 and watch something truly relevant and inspirational.


Yes, and so it was indeed… A transcript has appeared on that link. The following was far more moving than the words alone suggest:

ARCHIE ROACH: I was born in a place called Mooroopna in the Goulburn valley, Victoria. My sister managed to get a photograph of Mum and Dad. Mum was very tall and she was very light-skinned Aboriginal woman and my father was very dark, short, nuggety bloke from NSW. It was pretty amazing, you know. ‘Cause I’m looking at Dad, and saying, “Ah, yeah,” and look at Mum and thinking, “Who’s this white woman?” No wonder all my cousins are really, really fair. I’m the darkest of all the cousins. I’m the baby of the family. Four sisters and two brothers.

I didn’t have much time with my family at all before the authorities came in and removed us. You know, they came and just grabbed us. They took me and two sisters of mine, Gladdie and Diana, to a place called Liam Booth orphanage in Melbourne…
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Last night I watched Channel Ten!

Oh yes. I did give that funny Indian game the flick, but somewhere between the wall-to-wall commercials, which is the REAL program I suspect, I did see the snippets of shouting cheerers counting down the first Big Brother Eviction for 2008. A UFO enthusiast with tatts and attitude got the chop, but I have to say there actually was a nice back story there about this young man being a little bit wiser about Asians and effeminate men as a result of his incarceration. That effect can’t be all bad.

Then of course there is Corey Worthington. I couldn’t help warming to him just a bit; after all last summer he did give Tabloid TV exactly what it deserved, though he has himself been sucked into the trough. Mind you, I think he will go far, that lad; he is certainly not backward at taking what he can from the odd celebrity he finds himself enjoying, given that he really is quite ordinary in most respects.


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