Last night I watched Channel Ten!

12 May

Oh yes. I did give that funny Indian game the flick, but somewhere between the wall-to-wall commercials, which is the REAL program I suspect, I did see the snippets of shouting cheerers counting down the first Big Brother Eviction for 2008. A UFO enthusiast with tatts and attitude got the chop, but I have to say there actually was a nice back story there about this young man being a little bit wiser about Asians and effeminate men as a result of his incarceration. That effect can’t be all bad.

Then of course there is Corey Worthington. I couldn’t help warming to him just a bit; after all last summer he did give Tabloid TV exactly what it deserved, though he has himself been sucked into the trough. Mind you, I think he will go far, that lad; he is certainly not backward at taking what he can from the odd celebrity he finds himself enjoying, given that he really is quite ordinary in most respects.


The blog from which I took that (linked to pic) is a bit unfair calling him a “dumb maggot”; he isn’t entirely stupid and he is seventeen. That he is even there, of course, says a lot about the commercial media, rather more than about him; on the other hand he had hoped, or so he says, that being on BB would give people a chance to judge him as he is, rather than as the media have created him. Some truth in that.

I have found some of the blogs on the subject more interesting than the show itself. Two examples: Archetypes in the BB08 House and Eye on Big Brother. It is possible to watch Big Brother and keep your brain intact, it seems; I suppose it is a kind of laboratory of the human condition, if you want to see it that way. I still find it an ethical dilemma myself, and not exactly a sign of a healthy culture.

Mind you, people would be far better off watching Big Brother than reading some blogs: for example…

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One response to “Last night I watched Channel Ten!

  1. James Russell

    May 15, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    Sorry Neil, but engaging in what is only a publicity stunt by going on a television show, particularly something as grossly artificial as Big Brother, letting yourself be pretty much locked up in a building with TV cameras on you at all times, and expecting “the real you” (as opposed to some personality the producers of the program will concoct for the audience) will shine through and people will suddenly like you after making such a public tool of yourself speaks to me of gross naivete at best and, yes, dumb maggotry at worst. Mind you, it says even less for his parents that they’re letting their child be exploited in this fashion…

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