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On the Budget

I will read what Jim Belshaw says with interest: he has already said he will need to get behind the speech to the detail. He is far more competent than I am in such matters.

Otherwise I pretty much agree with Thomas. Read the rest of this entry »

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Recycling old arguments…

First, let me pay tribute to a wonderful site which I have neglected lately but have just now restored as my home page in Firefox.


It’s a rare day when there isn’t some item of interest there, and it does cast a wide net across a range of views in many disciplines. Given that too many of us tend to read sites we agree with and ignore (or mock) those of a different view, making our web experience something of an echo chamber, that wide net is a bonus.

Indirectly, as you will see in a moment, AL Daily recently sent me to Professing Literature in 2008 in The Nation, that wonderful and venerable American leftish magazine. William Deresiewicz is responding to the reissue, after 20 years, of Professing Literature, Gerald Graff’s history of American English departments.

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