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Compass tonight

Knocking, a 2006 PBS production, was shown on Compass tonight. And before what occurred to me also occurs to you, look at Jehovah’s Witnesses PBS Film KNOCKING Omits the Facts where the downside of the group is explored. I have to confess to not having been a fan of the group myself. That is why watching the documentary tonight has been so important. It hasn’t made it any more likely that I would ever want to be a JW — my ex-sister-in-law was one for a while many years ago — but it has altered my attitude.

Wikipedia summarises the documentary; it also gives useful notes on the two families we meet in the documentary.

Knocking is a 2006 documentary directed by Joel P. Engardio and Tom Shepard that focuses on the civil liberties fought for by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It primarily focuses on the stories of three Jehovah’s Witnesses, and how their lives illustrate three fundamental Witness teachings that have affected society at large in surprising ways: The refusal to participate in war, accept blood transfusions, and salute the flag.

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So this Sunday…

Trinity Sunday in fact.

1. Dorothy at church had a choice bit of hate mail from one of those delightful people who don’t know her but nonetheless can confidently consign her to the hell of their fevered imagination and Manichaean tradition. Sad. She has had this and worse before from sub-Christians and neo-Nazis, but it still hurts.

2. Lunch with Sirdan at the Trinity Bar in Surry Hills — appropriate given the day. See pics below. Read the rest of this entry »

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