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Why Australian conservatives are having such a losing streak lately?

Thanks again to the Arts & Letters Daily comes this very enlightening New Yorker piece:

The Fall of Conservatism

Have the Republicans run out of ideas?

by George Packer

Even if much about US conservatism strikes this older Australian as quite alien, there is no doubt that in our own conservative ranks much has been borrowed. It may well be that the woes the ironically named, from a US viewpoint, Australian Liberal Party, having been a heavy borrower over the last decade or two, is now experiencing echo the death throes of its US counterparts. Aside then from its importance as a diagnosis of US politics, Packer’s article — even his name is ironic for an Australian, though this is coincidence — has many lessons for us, especially for certain pundits and journalists.

How it has worked

Here is a sample:

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