Must watch Salam Cafe tonight on SBS (after The Gruen Transfer on ABC)

28 May

Ah the joy of fifteen minutes of fame!


But then the media (linked to pic) always does home in on the exceptional, to put it kindly…

The fact is of course that if the Jesuits had been proposing a development their chances would probably have been better, which is not to deny, as head of the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board, Stepan Kerkyasharian, says, that genuine planning issues were very possibly involved in Camden Council’s decision. But it is also probably fair to say that the unlikely event of a Sydney World Islamic Youth Convention at Randwick Racecourse might not have had governments at all levels here bending over quite as far backwards as they have for the Pope. It is also fair to say that any Muslim organisation would find planning permission just that much more hard to achieve than other organisations might, in the present climate.

Funny thing, history. My ancestors, most of them, would have seen Catholics as being little better than terrorists: witness what they tried to do to poor old King James I and VI in 1605, and thank God for the Glorious Deliverance under good King Billy at the Battle of the Boyne. I can just see the lady in yellow with a tin whistle and drum, marching away, come to think of it… But then, given her name she may well herself be a devotee of Old Red Socks

Ah, the good old days, when a Papist was a Papist and we all had Values!

I seem to remember Sutherlanders being a bit peeved about a Mormon temple in Kirrawee way back last century some time, but perhaps my memory is playing tricks…

But you’d go a long way, unfair as it undoubtedly is to the majority of people in the Camden district, to beat things like this for gross idiocy:

CAMDEN RESIDENT 2 [pictured above], CAMDEN RESIDENTS’ GROUP: We just don’t want to Muslim people in Camden, we don’t want them not only here, we don’t want them in Australia…

REPORTER: Why are you wearing an Australian flag?
CAMDEN RESIDENT 3, CAMDEN RESIDENTS’ GROUP: Why shouldn’t I be? Why is Channel 2 against Australia?
CAMDEN RESIDENT 4, CAMDEN RESIDENTS’ GROUP: My kids can’t read Islamic, how are they going to go to that school? It’s all crap, next thing there will be a mosque, then there will be the little town that comes with it. It’s not appropriate for the area at all…

So far Surry Hills seems to have survived having two mosques, the nearest one just around the corner in Cleveland Street…

One thing I noticed at Wollongong on Sunday was the ease with which women in hijabs and their families were blending in with all the others who were doing what people in Wollongong do on a Sunday — walking and picnicking.

Mind you, despite some questions of late about how planning permission is granted in The Gong, it would appear that in the midst of Australia’s very first flag-wearer Pauline Hanson’s heyday and PARANOIA about being SwOmPeD By AzHuns — and yes, I cannot remember ever seeing anyone wear an Australian flag before 1996 — The Gong managed to come up with the Southern Hemisphere’s largest Buddhist Temple. No, I got that wrong; it opened in 1995. Still, the good Gongers seem to have come to terms with all kinds of Others over the years, and Camden is just up the hill from there, so to speak, and The Gong is just south of Cronulla and The Shire too.


Nan Tien Temple, Wollongong

Look, I have said enough about Camden already, not to mention about Muslims and Cronulla O5. Just go explore my blog if you want more…

Salam Cafe will, however, be a must-see tonight.

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