Playing politics

28 May

Honestly, I am disappointed and angry. Here we are, I believe, confronting a crisis of monumental and lasting scope. Consider these stories from AlterNet:

And you’ll have seen the protests in the UK and France on the news tonight I’m sure.

Meanwhile we here in Australia are pretending it’s something we can band-aid one way or another in our parochial little national parliament where the clash of egos has been more apparent than a meeting of minds.

How about we get together on a virtual war footing on a problem that really is far beyond our ability to control, so that the best that can be done is done.

Anything would be better than the shadow boxing and poncing about we see now.

There are times and circumstances when our adversarial political system really sucks.

You know what, Brendan, Kevin, Malcolm, Julia — the whole pack of you: IT REALLY ISN’T ABOUT YOU! It’s about us, about Canberra doing something FOR us instead of doing stuff to each other with the news grabs in mind. I couldn’t care less if Kevin Rudd really does have a maid, a butler, and a bloody dog walker… What I do care about is a parliament that gets into real stuff for a change, together where it is urgent enough. And surely it is urgent enough!


Indonesia has formally announced it will pull out of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) from the beginning of next year.

While the discovery of new large oil reserves has diminished the influence of OPEC in recent years, the 13 oil producing nations which make up the organisation still account for two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves. As of next year however, Indonesia will no longer be a member of OPEC, the nation’s Energy Minister Purmono Yusgiantoro says. “I will sign that we withdraw from OPEC,” he said.

Indonesia now imports more oil than it exports and so has little interest in high oil prices being maintained. Last week a cut to fuel subsidies in Indonesia increased the price of gasoline by a third.

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