Daily Archives: June 1, 2008

Just to reassure you all

Mathematical proof that ninglun is not the Antichrist!

However, I refuse to disclose what my real name revealed! And you might check Mathematical proof that Kevin Rudd is the Antichrist!

But then Mathematical proof that John Winston Howard is the Antichrist! So we poor Aussies really have been in trouble for years, haven’t we?

Meanwhile, Jim Belshaw’s posts urging Kevin Rudd to slow down have found an echo in this morning’s Sun-Herald:

FEDERAL Government ministers, staff and unions are pleading with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to slow down or risk a serious political backlash.

And the Opposition has warned Mr Rudd that his frenetic work demands and hypocritical stance on work and family balance could be politically fatal.

The Commonwealth Public Sector Union, covering more than 60,000 Federal Government employees and hundreds of political staffers, is gearing up for a showdown over conditions.

The union’s national secretary Stephen Jones said he would shortly call a meeting of parliamentary staff, ahead of a meeting with the Prime Minister. After a string of complaints from distressed and exhausted staffers, Mr Jones has met with senior ministers to relay health concerns over their extreme working conditions.

A minister told The Sun-Herald the Prime Minister’s cracking pace and “unfair” expectations of everyone in government, including the bureaucracy, was “the elephant in the room”. Ministers were embarrassingly aware of how the Government’s work practices differed from the philosophy it preached. “He [Mr Rudd] doesn’t want to hear it”, the minister said…

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