Cyber condoms again

02 Jun

Back in December and January I wrote about what I call Cyber Condoms — programs that protect the computer or your privacy from the nasties out there. Six months down the track and I am still using Flock Browser, as you will see from today’s entries, but I must confess I use Firefox more often, Opera at times, and IE7 as little as possible.

Of the programs I mentioned in December and January, experience gives a big tick to:

OK, a few things I have ditched:

  • Finjan I decided was no longer necessary.
  • KeyScrambler Personal just slowed things up for little real return, I decided.
  • Super AntiSpyware I tried and it looked good. It does get good reviews. However, last time I tried updating it Avast! detected a virus in it, so I ditched… In its place I have put Windows Defender, but very soon learned to turn off its real time scanning!
  • Spyware Terminator — ditched because I am using Windows Defender.

UPDATE 6 June 2008

** I have ditched Spybot Search and Destroy after something it proposed very nearly killed my computer. In its place I have restored the latest version of AdAware. I am giving the live protection of SpywareGuard a run. It is from the same people who created Spyware Blaster, a program that causes no problems, but it could also be a waste of space, to judge from some reviews. Meantime it also appears to do no harm, so I will let it run for a while…

But not long; it is a waste of space! So I restored Spyware Terminator, which is a good program.

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One response to “Cyber condoms again

  1. AV

    June 2, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Thanks for the heads-up on all that software, Ninglun. I have Avast!, and I have previously followed your advice in the “Cyber Condoms?” post in installing Advanced Windows Care, Ccleaner and Spyware Blaster.

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