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07 Jun

I mentioned Sojourners yesterday. Today one of WordPress’s top blogs is Eugene Cho’s Beauty and Depravity.

Eugene is the founding & lead pastor of Quest Church and the executive director of Q Cafe. Born in Korea, he immigrated to the U.S. at age six and grew up in San Francisco. He trekked out to the East Coast for several years, returned to the HomeLand of the Morning Calm [South Korea] for couple years, and now live in Seattle with his family. He and his wife, Minhee, have been married for eleven years and have three kids. In the truest sense, Eugene is lost, wicked, and depraved but redeemed by the grace and beauty of God. Blessed by revelation and compelled to response as son, brother, child of God, pastor, and advocate for issues of mercy, justice, and compassion.

I referred to Eugene back in 2007 when I posted about the Virginia Tech shootings. He had some wise words on the subject.

In a recent entry
Eugene says he is to become a regular on the Sojourners God’s Politics blog. I look forward to reading his contributions. It is worth reading his entry to learn more about what Sojourners stands for and how it fits into the US political and religious scene, especially given Obama’s recent successful candidacy for the Presidency. It will be obvious that Eugene and I are not peas in a pod theologically, but we share much nonetheless.

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