Too many DVDs

09 Jun

One of the eccentric pleasures I derive from relying on Surry Hills Library for free DVDs — the best kind — is that I see some things I never would if I had to pay.

For example, I watched a bit of war-time hokum called Secret Mission (1942). As one site notes:

Four British officers are sent into occupied France to reconnoitre the German defences. Okay-ish drama, more interesting for being filmed during the war rather than in the 50s during the war film boom, but not terribly memorable.

Script: Anatole de Grunwald, Captain Sir Basil Bartlett Director: Harold French Players: Hugh Williams, Michael Wilding, Roland Culver, James Mason, Carla Lehmann, Nancy Price, Percy Walsh, Anita Gombault, David Page, Betty Warren, Nicholas Stuart, Brefni O’Rourke, Karel Stepanek, Herbert Lom, John Salew, Beatrice Varley, F.R. Wendhausen, Yvonne André, Stewart Granger, Oscar Ebelsbacher.

A few names there, so it had its moments. Childish though; Casablanca it ain’t…


Queen Margot (1994): romance, incest, adultery, nudity, and killing for various versions of Jesus in 16th century France. Beautifully made though.

About a Boy could hardly be more different! I did enjoy it.

Then in the week before, a couple of recent ABC documentaries. They do this so well, the ABC. Both of these are worth their weight in gumnuts, as Jim Belshaw would say: Not All Tea and Scones (2007) and Bushfire Summer (2007). I had seen parts of both before, but not the whole four episodes in either case. Well worth catching up on.

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