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Havacuppa mate…

As we say in Oz, or used to say… To judge from Four Corners on Monday we would rather down extraordinary amounts of booze these days, especially if we’re in our twenties. I just found the amounts some cited unbelievable, being something of a two-pot screamer myself.

MATTHEW CARNEY: The kind of accepted medical definition of binge drinking for a girl is seven drinks and for a man is 11.

MALISSA PUYOL: Then we’d all be definitely binge drinkers, probably by two. Easily.

MATTHEW CARNEY: By two, what do you mean, sorry?

MALISSA PUYOL: Times two. Like I reckon most of us girls would have 14 at least drinks a night, if we had a big night, and the guys would have definitely more than 22.

MATTHEW VESCOVI: I guess a binge drinker, someone who drinks to the excess where they can’t remember parts of the night and they do act in a way that they wouldn’t normally act.

MATTHEW CARNEY: And how often would you do that in a week do you think?

MATTHEW VESCOVI: On average once a week, occasionally twice a week.

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Ross Gittins tells it as it is

I am not sure I can say I always agree with the Sydney Morning Herald’s Ross Gittins, but it sure seems that I often do…

Too gutless to give us the bad oil

I think I’ve stumbled on a new law of politics: the harder life becomes in this capitalist economy, the more our supposed leaders soft-soap us. The harsher it gets, the harder they try to persuade us we’re living in a Sunday school where no one plays for keeps.

Take the carry-on about petrol prices. Neither side of politics is prepared to speak the obvious truth about them.

Instead we have them endlessly doing their I-feel-your-pain routines (which, of course, they don’t because they’re on high incomes and, in any case, have most of their travel costs picked up by the taxpayer)…

What neither side will admit is that, because small cuts in petrol taxes would cost a fortune in lost revenue, they’d simply shift the problem elsewhere. And with prices changing so often, the relief they offered motorists would be forgotten within days.

Then we have grown men and women arguing furiously for a fortnight about a price watch which, at best, would cut the price by about two cents a litre. And don’t think that argument’s over yet…

The trouble with all this soft-soaping is that it encourages the ignorant notion it’s the government’s job to solve all our problems. It hurts – fix it!

People don’t get on with facing up to their problems because they imagine it just a matter of waiting for governments to act. And then the pollies wonder why the punters increasingly regard them as liars and cheats. Why their cynical behaviour breeds cynicism.

Despite the politicians’ obfuscation, the plain truth is obvious: one way or another, petrol prices have got nowhere to go but up.

Prices will probably continue to fall back occasionally, but there doesn’t seem much doubt that global demand for oil will continue to outpace the global supply of oil…

Hard to refute, in my opinion at least.

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