Havacuppa mate…

11 Jun

As we say in Oz, or used to say… To judge from Four Corners on Monday we would rather down extraordinary amounts of booze these days, especially if we’re in our twenties. I just found the amounts some cited unbelievable, being something of a two-pot screamer myself.

MATTHEW CARNEY: The kind of accepted medical definition of binge drinking for a girl is seven drinks and for a man is 11.

MALISSA PUYOL: Then we’d all be definitely binge drinkers, probably by two. Easily.

MATTHEW CARNEY: By two, what do you mean, sorry?

MALISSA PUYOL: Times two. Like I reckon most of us girls would have 14 at least drinks a night, if we had a big night, and the guys would have definitely more than 22.

MATTHEW VESCOVI: I guess a binge drinker, someone who drinks to the excess where they can’t remember parts of the night and they do act in a way that they wouldn’t normally act.

MATTHEW CARNEY: And how often would you do that in a week do you think?

MATTHEW VESCOVI: On average once a week, occasionally twice a week.

At home I hardly even touch the stuff, but when out, especially these days, it is rare for me to have more than two or three standard drinks, and lately it has even been one more often. At my pissiest I doubt I usually went higher than five or six… Well not that I remember, which may be itself significant.

lotuspeak But having mentioned Earl Grey tea on Ninglun’s Specials yesterday, I thought I would expand a little on the subject of tea.

Thanks to M I was introduced to that wonderful stuff Dragon Well, a really beautiful Chinese green tea. It remains my favourite. However, I have rather taken lately to teas with vanilla added, which I am sure is pure evil. I just like the taste. Right now I am sipping Lotus Peak White Tea with vanilla added — by the manufacturer of course, and I do commend it. Very refreshing.

I also rather like Twinings Lemon and Ginger, and Dilmah’s Rooibos (South African red bush tea) with lemon myrtle.

Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is a native Australian tree growing naturally from Brisbane to Rockhampton in a range of altitudes from 50 to over 800 m above sea level. The Sunshine Coast and Proserpine area are identified as main areas of natural strands.

Lemon Myrtle is a superb tea product as a herbal infusion as well as a delicate flavouring in specialty tea blends when blended with black, green or herbal teas. Lemon Myrtle tea has enjoyed huge success in international tea markets. The superior flavour profile of lemon myrtle as well as its appeal as an alternative to lemongrass has resulted in its success as a tea product.

Mind you, I also drink coffee, especially from the Juice and Java in Surry Hills…

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