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Irfan Yusuf’s book review and his response to a response

Checking my own Annotated Blog Roll (which is due for revision) I looked in on Madhab al-Irfy (Irfan Yusuf), which I hadn’t done in a while. I had noted a book review he did in last weekend’s Australian: What does it mean to be Islamic now? I had thought it rather good. The review begins:

Few Australian Catholics would recognise the popular beliefs and practices of their Latin American co-religionists.
So if I were to make an ambit criticism of Christianity based on the extreme poverty and draconian politics of Latin America, Catholics would be justified in poking their fingers at me and ridiculing my simplistic reasoning. But among those pointing at me in ridicule would be the polemicists and cultural warriors with three fingers pointing back at themselves. Google jihad. Featuring prominently is JihadWatch, a blog moderated by far-right Catholic polemicist Robert Spencer.

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