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Sudden activity on my Facebook

My Facebook has been pretty quiet, but just lately my “Friends” thing has increased, there especially being a SBHS Debating connection with Delenio, David Smith, and most recently Jeremy Heimans joining in. US journalist, blogger and writer Kanani Fong has also come in recently, and I have found myself playing in Facebook more than I used to.

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Camden and district

Two interesting items have come my way in the past few days.

The first is in the Autumn/Winter 2008 Dissent, an Australian magazine edited from Canberra by Kenneth Davidson and Lesley Vick.

Julian C.H. Lee compares the Cronulla riots and the way they were reported and used as a backdrop to the protests in Camden against the building of an Islamic school with the 1969 race riots in Malaysia which have been used as a threat to justify maintenance of the privileged status of Malays in Malaysia.

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