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Thomas goes for posting record

Thomas of Deus Lo Vult is off to the USA shortly, but before he goes he is having a bit of a blogathon. I especially commend his essay on US History Foreign policy during the Civil War. The current banner photo at the top of his blog is also very good, particularly the upside down Thomas reflected in the cup, which he seems to keep lovingly polished.

Do look too at You know you’re Australian if… on Adrift. 🙂

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So why is it so pink* and narrow?

I refer of course to the new look here.

It’s pink because that shows up links best*; it’s narrow because that facilitates skim reading.

Look below

The navigation has several new features, including a long list of recent posts. If you click on any post down there, or on the header of any post up here, you get it delivered complete, smooth and uncluttered without bells or whistles. I really like the look of the posts in that mode. Just click home to get back here.
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