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Around the blogs: 3

And finally I finish this Sunday Around the Blogs series. I haven’t included all the blogs on my blog roll: some may not have updated lately, so they don’t get mentioned here. But even with the “active” blogs I have chosen less than half for these three entries; I hope it encourages you to go to the blog roll and try the rest. Not mentioning a blog has no implications at all; maybe later. Some I have placed here, on the other hand, because I haven’t referred to them lately and thought I should.

The ones in this entry are all Australian.

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Around the blogs: 2

After excellent steak and Guinness pie with Sirdan at Bar Cleveland, great on a cold Sunday, I now get back to running through my blog roll.

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Around the blogs: 1

If anyone out there doesn’t already know it, I commend Unleashed on our ABC where you will find a host of Aussies and others from just about every background you can imagine sounding off about just about everything. It really is quite a wonderful forum.

You may have noticed that I updated my blog roll recently, and the links page. Here’s a round-up of a few recent entries from some of the eighty to ninety blogs on the roll.

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