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23 Jun

There are so many excellent blogs on my blog roll I thought I would do just one more collection of some latest posts, this set all being from outside Australia.


  • It has been a year since Ahmad Shuja posted. He is no longer in Afghanistan, having started study in the USA towards his ambition to be a journalist. I mention him though because his back posts are SO good! You can learn so much from him about his home country, and about being a reasonable Muslim.
  • Dave Hill’s Big Britain was delightful earlier this month with My Mum, Her Chicken Tikka & The Miners Arms.
  • Why Marriage? asks Bloggernista. “This is the first week that marriages between same-sex couples were legal in California. If you have wondered why gay couples would fight so hard for that right, check out these clips in which couples explain why it is so important to to them to finally be able to say ‘I do’.”
  • Driving while Married on Daddy, Papa and Me takes up a similar theme.
  • Pia Savage recently wrote the provocatively titled Me and Obama smoking together.
  • Kanani Fong tells us about A Winner: “The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie. Now that Kanani really can write!
  • Eteraz is very informative on The Pakistan Lobby in that latest post. He writes with authority on such things.
  • Len from Dallas, Texas has his own regular Friday thing: Friday night cartoons 06-20-08. Enjoy.
  • While the train was waiting… takes you to Bob Leckridge’s Scotland.
  • Lorianne DiSabato turns her very observant eye on the world around her in When it rains.
  • iMuslim in the UK told us recently I’m Bursting With Luuuurve. One of those posts all Islamophobes should contemplate…
  • Indigo Jo, a British Muslim, leaves you in no doubt about what he thinks in Interview with ‘Shaikh’ Faisal. “Apparently his next stop is Nigeria. Any country with a recent history of inter-communal strife, which Nigeria has in abundance, should not even think of letting someone with a history of hate preaching in. I have in the past said that I disagree with deporting the likes of Faisal, because they can cause much more damage in a poor country than they can here, where Faisal built up only a small following; to hear of this individual being allowed to preach in places like South Africa and Nigeria, where there has been mob violence, including rape and murder, between Muslims and Christians in some places, reinforces this somewhat.”
  • On Jim Wallis and Friends Pagans and Patriarchs (by Phyllis Tickle) interested me, as the Summer Solstice visits the folks on the wrong end of the planet…
  • English crime fiction writer John Baker was recently Starbucked.
  • Life is a Streetcar Named Desire, a blog maintained by an Indian in the USA, last month posted On Fair Skin and Beauty, which I found interesting. A few days ago he followed up with White Beauty. (He often posts about Cricket too.)

And yes, there’s more! Visit the blog roll.


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