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Wikipedia is evil! or is it?

Worth looking out for… « English/ESL “…in your newsagent or library if you are planning to teach the Wikipedia module in the 2009 NSW Higher School Certificate.” That referred my readers to an issue of PC Authority which had a good article on the subject. The study of Wikipedia — what it is, how it is made, what it does, what its advantages and disadvantages are — is an option in that HSC course. I think at some stage it should be mandatory, perhaps extended to the use of the internet generally.

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How disrespectful! How tragic!

First the disrespectful, courtesy of an email from The Empress.


Mind you, odd as I find the whole World Youth Day thing as a somewhat bizarre manifestation of Jesus of Nazareth, I am not going to rain on their parade too much, as some aspects will be worthwhile. For example, I was struck by what Indigenous artist Tom Lewis had to say on ABC Local’s Sunday Night Talk last Sunday. (I will be highlighting links from here on, by the way, but not retrospectively, apart from the recent Around the Blogs series…)

How Tragic! 1

Zimbabwe is descending deeper into the pit, isn’t it? There is to be a report on Foreign Correspondent tonight, not to be missed: Zimbabwe – On the Run, featuring prominent Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) politician Sekai Holland and her husband Jim. Dorothy McRae-McMahon from South Sydney Uniting Church did a profile of Sekai Holland, whom she has known for some years, in The South Sydney Herald in April.


That story really was outstanding. Bear in mind that some of the women and children we saw have since been “rounded up.” We have had some strong words from the United Nations too, at last. At the moment (10.40 pm) Archbishop Desmond Tutu is being interviewed on Lateline. He is raising the possibility of — no, advocating — invoking the UN doctrine of responsibility to protect. The problem is that this would have to get past veto by Security Council member(s), China being the most obvious probability there… See too the June archive on This is Zimbabwe. [Search my blog for Mugabe.]

Sunday night 29 June

We’ve had Nelson Mandela coming out against the failure of leadership in Zimbabwe, and now Desmond Tutu has been even stronger: Tutu urges rejection of Mugabe rule:

Archbishop Tutu said Mr Mugabe should play no part in Zimbabwe’s future and repeated his call for military intervention by a United Nations force, spearheaded by African troops if necessary.

How Tragic! 2

Did you see Four Corners last night?


One moral from this: if any church — any religious group at all — asks for your brain as you enter the building and discourages doubt and questioning, walk away. The urge for certainty is, in my opinion, the enemy of faith. On the other hand, the issue of limits to religious freedom — probably there should be — is fraught with difficulty. Who decides those limits? How might they be enforced?

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