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25 June 2008 – Three New Judges Appointed to the Federal Court

25 June 2008 – Three New Judges Appointed to the Federal Court: Delenio just forwarded this via Facebook.

One of them is (my I feel old, but pleased) a member of the class of 1986! See also here.

Legal too, but unrelated…

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God’s Politics – Dobson and Obama: Who is ‘Deliberately Distorting’?

This entry, and a few YouTubes posted on the same blog since, is quite fascinating, even to an outlander like me here in Australia. Just over a year ago I asked Who on earth is James Dobson? I quoted there the US blog Daddy, Papa and Me:

I have harped on this over and over and over again. These groups (American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family and the ilk) are hate groups. The take a group of citizens (GLBT) and demonize them as diseased and worse.

Many in the religious right object when their speech is called ‘bigotry’ and even close to ‘nazi propaganda’ in its ferocity. The main argument they use is basically that we are ‘reducing the level of disourse’. I find it a strange argument. These groups and people affiliated with these groups will demonize me and other GBLT in some of the most hateful language, but then call ’shill’ those who would call them on it.

The fact is, these groups demonize gays in nearly identical terms and ways anti-semitic groups and early Nazi propoganda did. These groups and their spokespeople use use hate speech not far removed from the KKK might say about blacks.

These are hate groups. There is no argument.

Socially aware evangelical Jim Wallis is somewhat more circumspect in his language, but only somewhat.

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