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Have your say on the issue of the day!

There’s a poll on the current Australian petrol price situation over the fold. Do participate! 🙂 You can find it too on the new Polls Page.

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Da book meme

OK Bruce, I’ll bite. Here are the rules:

The instructions as I can gather go; repeat instructions so the next clod in-line can repeat them when you tell them to repeat them (you didn’t tell me to repeat them did you Mikey!); turn to page 123 of the nearest book to you (I’m assuming with 123 pages in it) and write out the 5th sentence.

Glad to see you have The Little Red Writing Book by your computer, even if Christopher Hitchens was 4cm closer. I happen to have Mark Twain’s Roughing It closest at the moment, but only because I was too lazy to put it back on the shelf a few days back, and here is p. 123 of the edition I have (Konemann 2000):

Chapter XXI

We were approaching the end of our long journey. It was the morning of the twentieth day. At noon we would reach Carson City, the capital of Nevada Territory. We were not glad, but sorry. It had been a fine pleasure trip; we had fed fat on wonders every day; we were now well accustomed to stage life, and very fond of it; so the idea of coming to a stand-still and settling down to a humdrum existence in a village was not agreeable, but on the contrary depressing.

There it is. I nominate Kanani, check_tick1.gif Aluminium, Denys, Thomas (if he is in a position to respond right now) and Marcellous. I would nominate The Rabbit and Adrian, but neither has a blog any more — or if they do it is locked down… Adrian has Facebook, of course; and The Rabbit? Well, that’s a mystery…

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