Papal Surry Hills July 2008

29 Jun

Residents in Surry Hills — World Youth Day Co-ordination Authority: the map (PDF) and details arrived in our letter boxes this morning. I am thinking of setting up a stall for my holy relics…

Which reminds me of an earlier Papal Visit in 1986, a scene from which you may see here:


Teaching at The Mine at the time I had something of a box seat, as the Papal helicopter and a larger one containing the Popemobile, plus around ten other helicopters with entourage and security, all descended on Moore Park during school hours.

The Pope kindly blessed the school as his Popemobile circled the park.

Later, driving down Oxford Street, he inadvertently blessed all the venues, and the leather queens, drag queens, and others who had brought their bar stools out into the daylight to witness the passing parade.

I committed a bad taste joke by claiming that when the helicopters landed in Moore Park all the Vietnamese kids in the class dived under their desks… It certainly sounded like the sound track of Apocalypse Now!

A Jewish student told me he had been to the Papal Gathering over at the old Show Ground/Football Stadium complex across the road from The Mine.

“How was it?” I asked, curious why he had gone.

“Great. We sold lots of ice creams…”

Ah, so that was it.

Must look into that Relic Store. Perhaps I could sell myself to the highest bidder!

I also commend an event at Pitt Street Uniting Church on 13 July 2008. See also Welcoming young lgbt people to World Youth Day Sydney 2008.

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3 responses to “Papal Surry Hills July 2008

  1. DavidG.

    June 29, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    There are so many groups involved in the brain-washing business these days it’s hard to know which one to tackle first.

    That taxpayers are funding the wealthy Catholic Church to further indoctrinate Australian youth in the fiction that is religion is unforgivable! Shame.

  2. ninglun

    June 29, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    I focus instead on things like the items I mention at the end. I’m afraid I am not quite as upset by the oddity of the state financing the event; after all, the security. logistics and transport support would happen whatever the major event is, religious or not.

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