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Coffee break

For a few days the only new entries here will be on the Gateway Page:

There’s a bit more back-editing happening here too, mostly tidying.

Progress in editing

check_tick1.gif 2005.
check_tick1.gif 2006.
check_tick1.gif 2007.
check_tick1.gif 2008.

Changing themes

It may be temporary, but I have found a glitch with all the two column themes with right-hand side bars that I ran on the site in the past 24 hours: in the ‘read by month’ mode they were all in some months, but not in others, dropping the side bar to the bottom. Very nasty… Hence that left-hand side bar number for a while, ironically one of the first templates I ever used here.

July1: bear with me while I experiment to see if I can solve the dropping side bar problem…

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