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Winters of our…

You know your Shakespeare, don’t you?

Winter thoughts 1

For some I know, or knew, there may be something in that allusion, or not. I am in no position to say. You see, while back-editing here I came upon a post that very briefly mentioned a lunch — and an excellent lunch it was — a few years back. This post came with a link, which I checked, expecting to find nothing changed, because this was one of the more inactive members of the blogosphere. Imagine my surprise when I came upon a string of heart-felt entries from earlier this year dealing with those profound experiences we all have from time to time, though of course each one is unique too. I refer to death, loss, and the ending of relationships. These posts were deeply honest, but probably not the kind of thing one should publish, at least I thought that about one of them. An open blog just can’t be a private journal, not in any real sense, because it is after all published. That means anyone may happen along, as I did, and read it.

I left no comment, but of course would have left a trace; I was also referred to a more recent less personal blog through a link on the uber-personal one, and have to say I warmed to it rather because the politics are very like my own. Of course I can’t link to it, as that would give away identities, wouldn’t it. But I will keep an eye on the blog, and if it goes on I may refer another time in a way so divorced from this context that no-one would ever join the dots.

I did very obliquely let those concerned know that I had stumbled on the recent entry, a psychological profile in fact of one party, which was kind of interesting but very hard to form any conclusions about — except that people and circumstances do indeed change.

I feel for both, actually, and certainly didn’t read what was there (to be read by anyone who happened along) in a spirit of voyeurism;  it is quite literally none of my business, though I was somewhat moved, could not fail to be, because I do know some of the history and was, well, a witness and a bystander to a degree at one time. And I do wonder about the effect, for good or ill, of the comments.

Ah life, not so easy at times.

I did note the rather too revealing blog has since closed its doors, probably a very good move.

Winter thoughts 2

July is winter, you know; all those people living on the wrong side of the planet simply get it all wrong…

It was on such a winter night eighteen years ago that I first met M. That was quite indisputably life-changing, though at the time it was an ordinary enough meeting.

But this is a blog, not a private journal. 🙂

This winter is one of great change for me too, I have to say, and attrition also in some respects. I can’t elaborate, because this isn’t a… etc.

Winter thoughts 3

I really can’t get excited, one way or another, about the impending Papal Visit here in Sydney. Yes, he is an interesting character, and the occasion is an interesting occasion, and I will no doubt find it impinges directly on me because I live a hop step and a jump from a major pilgrimage route.

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Arts & Letters Daily – ideas, criticism, debate

Arts & Letters Daily – ideas, criticism, debate is my start page in Firefox; I have ABC Australia in other browsers. A&L tends to gather more on the conservative side, but, given that, it is rather even-handed. There are often good items there one would otherwise miss. So today while I back-edit in English/ESL — adding tags at the moment — I will refer you to A&L for sustenance. 😉

Three to catch my attention, because of my interests:

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