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Heads up on Ninglun’s Specials

The image on that last post may seem more obscene (to humourless souls) than the one on the front of Art Monthly Australia — and it may even be argued that it is. On Ninglun’s Specials I have added a sub-page to the Bill Henson page: Sequel: Art Monthly Australia July 2008. Early on Monday 7 July I have posted as a public service Sydney: World Youth Day 2008 fashion.

— from the Gateway, for those who don’t look there and might then miss this announcement…

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Expect cheap watermelon spam and splogs anytime soon…

While watermelon is not unknown in Lebanese cuisine, there was none in the meal Sirdan and I had today.

A pity, as it appears, as site after site is telling us, so it must be true, that Watermelon [has been] Found to Have a Viagra effect! 

Scientists discovered that watermelon has an effect similar to well-known drug Viagra. The positive effect is attributed to an ingredient citrulline found in watermelons.

Just like Viagra, citruline in watermelon activates the production of a compound that helps to relax blood vessels. The compound, found in the flesh and the rind of the juicy fruit turns into arginine when it reacts with enzymes of the body. Arginine is a natural amino acid that reduces risk of heart disease, decreases blood pressure, and improves circulatory and immune function.

The nitric oxide resulting from arginine relaxes blood vessels – the same effect the famous erectile dysfunction drug has.

Bhimu Patil, a researcher and director of Texas A&M’s Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center, where the study took place said that while watermelon might not be so organ-specific as Viagra, it can be still helpful in dealing with erectile dysfunction problems and has no side effects.

So now you know.


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Arabella Lebanese Cuisine – BANQUET (CHEF’S SELECTION)

Arabella Lebanese Cuisine – BANQUET (CHEF’S SELECTION) from the Crown Street, Surry Hills, venue was, thanks to Sirdan, Sunday lunch, and not bad for my upcoming birthday, eh!

STARTERS: Shanklish & Runnerbeans

SALADS: Fattoush , Taboulleh

DIPS: Hommous & Baba ganouj

HOT MEZZA: Falafel, kebbi, ladies finger, Araais & Coriander potato.

FROM THE GRIL (sic): Prawns, Lamb, Kafta & Chicken Skewers.

Complementary Lebanese sweets & coffee served with banquet menus .

Not just your average Lebanese either. Sirdan had never had Lebanese, or any other Arabic cuisine, before, so this introduction has really sold him on it. Mind you, Arabella’s isn’t as cheap and cheerful as Abdul’s or the other Elizabeth/Cleveland Street Little Lebanon eateries, but I have to admit you could taste the difference. The kebbi, for example, was just that much lighter and crispier, and the coriander potatoes to die for, and the fattoush was superb. In fact it was all good.


Ah multicultural Australia, how we love you! The passing parade down Crown Street was a case of “spot the ethnicity” as well, not to mention “spot the orientation!” Surry Hills rocks!

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Hacking Christianity and another blog, and a related item

Hacking Christianity is the blog of US Uniting Methodist pastor Jeremy Smith, a rather progressive person it would appear. It certainly is the most amazing blog in terms of its use of the medium. I would even commend it to my atheist readers on that score; this guy is really Internet savvy. For myself, I find much of his content very congenial: “a bottom-up faith in a top-down world.”

On similar grounds it is nice to see some in the Catholic Church are looking at World Youth Day through Christian eyes.

A CATHOLIC priest has said the money being spent on World Youth Day is an embarrassment and a scandal.

Father Peter Confeggi, a parish priest at Mount Druitt, said there was also a “large amount of dissatisfaction” with the spirituality that will be taught during the event, with many fearing it would be a right-wing brand of Catholicism.

Others within the church who did not want to be named told The Sun-Herald of similar concerns about the six-day event, which will cost the church an estimated $150million and NSW taxpayers at least $86million.

“There is a great dissatisfaction with the Restorationist spirituality, which is also devoid of any commitment to social justice,” Father Confeggi said.

Father Confeggi said his parish was one of the most disadvantaged in Sydney. He said the church and state funds could be directed elsewhere, including to the 120,000 people sleeping homeless in Australia or education of the disadvantaged.

“To keep the church doors open here in Mount Druitt we scratch week after week after week,” he said.

“The bottom line is this is a gross embarrassment to the church that I serve.”

Father Confeggi said it was an “utter scandal” that a chalice, Communion plate and vessel to hold Communion hosts – adorned by Argyle diamonds and being made for a rumoured six-figure sum – would be given to the Pope.

I think he says it all really.

Another blog came my way through my WordPress stats on who has clicked out from my blog lately: Friday in Cairo is a newish blog by Will Ward who brings to his interest in the Near East considerable cultural knowledge, unlike many who have opinions on the subject. This entry particularly attracted my attention: Preparing the PR Battlefield. Read the rest of this entry »


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