Arabella Lebanese Cuisine – BANQUET (CHEF’S SELECTION)

06 Jul

Arabella Lebanese Cuisine – BANQUET (CHEF’S SELECTION) from the Crown Street, Surry Hills, venue was, thanks to Sirdan, Sunday lunch, and not bad for my upcoming birthday, eh!

STARTERS: Shanklish & Runnerbeans

SALADS: Fattoush , Taboulleh

DIPS: Hommous & Baba ganouj

HOT MEZZA: Falafel, kebbi, ladies finger, Araais & Coriander potato.

FROM THE GRIL (sic): Prawns, Lamb, Kafta & Chicken Skewers.

Complementary Lebanese sweets & coffee served with banquet menus .

Not just your average Lebanese either. Sirdan had never had Lebanese, or any other Arabic cuisine, before, so this introduction has really sold him on it. Mind you, Arabella’s isn’t as cheap and cheerful as Abdul’s or the other Elizabeth/Cleveland Street Little Lebanon eateries, but I have to admit you could taste the difference. The kebbi, for example, was just that much lighter and crispier, and the coriander potatoes to die for, and the fattoush was superb. In fact it was all good.


Ah multicultural Australia, how we love you! The passing parade down Crown Street was a case of “spot the ethnicity” as well, not to mention “spot the orientation!” Surry Hills rocks!

However, for comparison, maybe we’ll do a similar meal in Little Lebanon sometime soon. 

And PK went sailing past down Crown Street, the metaphor being appropriate, as since last December until about six weeks ago that is what he has been doing, apparently — sailing. No wonder we hadn’t seen him lately.

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