Expect cheap watermelon spam and splogs anytime soon…

06 Jul

While watermelon is not unknown in Lebanese cuisine, there was none in the meal Sirdan and I had today.

A pity, as it appears, as site after site is telling us, so it must be true, that Watermelon [has been] Found to Have a Viagra effect! 

Scientists discovered that watermelon has an effect similar to well-known drug Viagra. The positive effect is attributed to an ingredient citrulline found in watermelons.

Just like Viagra, citruline in watermelon activates the production of a compound that helps to relax blood vessels. The compound, found in the flesh and the rind of the juicy fruit turns into arginine when it reacts with enzymes of the body. Arginine is a natural amino acid that reduces risk of heart disease, decreases blood pressure, and improves circulatory and immune function.

The nitric oxide resulting from arginine relaxes blood vessels – the same effect the famous erectile dysfunction drug has.

Bhimu Patil, a researcher and director of Texas A&M’s Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center, where the study took place said that while watermelon might not be so organ-specific as Viagra, it can be still helpful in dealing with erectile dysfunction problems and has no side effects.

So now you know.


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M was always very fond of watermelon.

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