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School of the prophet welcomes Lord’s flock – World Youth Day

I have posted here and on Ninglun’s Specials a few items already about some of the travails of the Catholic Church, and about World Youth Day, but I also said a while back that I didn’t intend to rain too much on their parade. I still am prepared to see the positives in the event, and this story in today’s Sydney Morning Herald really is worth noting.

POPE Benedict XVI may have raised the ire of the Muslim world almost two years ago when he invoked a harsh medieval description of Islam during a speech in Germany, but for almost 300 Catholic pilgrims, an Islamic school will be home during World Youth Day.


“Pope Benedict clarified his comments on Islam,” said Pinad Elahmed, a teacher in charge of inter-religious activities at Malek Fahd school in Greenacre. “Anyway, no one here even thought of it when we decided to offer hospitality to the pilgrims.

“We are Muslims but we are also very committed Australians and that means living in a multicultural, multi-faith country. We want to be a role model of generosity for all Muslims. “This is not unusual. After all, the prophet himself opened his house to Christians.”

The 281 pilgrims will bunk down in the gymnasium and several classrooms. “They will basically have the run of the place,” Ms Elahmed said.

Yes, one could be cynical: but why should we be in this case? Why not just welcome such a development?

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Personal Reflections: Modern Australia’s obsession with sexuality

Jim Belshaw is tired of our present obsession with this topic, and as you can see if you visit him I have given him three hearty cheers.

Over on the Gateway I have been documenting the interest in my latest page on the nudie kiddie phenomenon, which continues — though with signs of abating. Here is the latest count for Ninglun’s Specials:

Sequel: Art Monthly Australia July 2008 776 views, in this case since 6 July 2008. By 8.00pm: 856 views.
Redirect to The great Surry Hills Book Clearance of 2005 457 views, mostly in April 2008 when I reconfigured Ninglun’s Specials/Floating Life Sans Words. I think I may delete that page now… [done]
The Bard, a Rabbit, and Ninglun 299 since 8 April 2008. It used to get a lot of attention in its former home too. No change at 8.00pm.
Sydney: World Youth Day 2008 fashion 292 — this tongue-in-cheek entry, though serious about the silly NSW special law, has been going since 6 July 2008. 303 by 8.00pm.
Family stories 3 — About the Whitfields 278 since 3 April 2008 — also got attention in its earlier home. No change at 8.00pm.
10. But is it art? Responses to the Bill Henson controversy 276 views since 29 May 2008 — this consolidates some three posts from that week. 283 by 8.00pm.

Here we find:

Kevin Rudd as art critic has had 280 views since posting on 25 May, but other posts have had more attention. 282 by 8.00pm.

It really is very strange, some of this.

I have to admit that one site that came my way recently through these issues is worth following:


Defence for Children International

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