A Life of Unlearning — a journey to find the truth — the book

14 Jul

Unlearning A Life of Unlearning – a journey to find the truth, a new blog, provides several chapters from Anthony Venn-Brown’s book, with a preface by Justice Michael Kirby.

This is a book in which the author tells of how he ‘unlearnt the truths I’d been taught about myself and discovered how to live as the real me’. It is the story of his quest to find not only self-acceptance but one of the most powerful forces in nature—human love.

For most people, their search for love follows a predictable pattern. There are ups and downs. But heterosexuals do not generally feel a need to proclaim their sexual identity as such. It is just taken for granted. Society and its institutions are built around it.

Anthony Venn-Brown grew up in a loving family and within the Anglican tradition of Christianity. At puberty he discovered his attraction to his own sex. His book is the story of his fight against these feelings; and his attempts to combat them by joining (and later ministering in) fundamentalist and Pentecostal churches, by marrying and fathering children, and denying the reality of his inner-being. In the end, he accepts who he is; rejects the centuries-old endeavours to make him feel ashamed of himself; seeks love to complete his life; and finds new paths for his spiritual journey. His is a rocky road; but it is the only one made for him.

Not long ago, nor far away, Anthony Venn-Brown would have been stoned to death or burned at the stake, imprisoned or universally shunned…

Well worth a look.

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