Some blogs to note: just three among many…

29 Jul

gse_multipart7234 Before I start two things. The last two days I attended a mandatory UN security training. The first day we had theory about mines, hostage situations, moving in a convoy and more. And yesterday we had some pratical “exercises”. During which I got beaten by some “rebels”. Played by soldiers from? Rwanda. Members of the UN contingent…


Yesterday I was flown out of Darfur. I am now in Khartoum and we will see what is happening in the next few days. UN has raised the security level in Sudan. And staff in Darfur has to be reduced to “essential” staff. Given my age (am I old?), I was told to relocate. This is in the aftermath of last week’s attack on peacekeeping troops in North Darfur leaving 7 death and 22 wounded…

Opening paragraphs from two recent entries by Swiss blogger Worldman. I think you may see why this is a blog to note.

In the often sad world of US political blogging much of which would incline one to despair — especially the “conservative” side — here is a bit of a treasure: Political Realm. (And I really like their template!)

Political Realm launched in February 2007, providing analysis of the important headlines, original political commentary, and insight into races across the country. Our work has been featured on Reuters, USA Today, CNN, Fox News, and several other political news and opinion sites. We do not claim to be nonpartisan, but we do hope that our coverage is fair, astute, and interesting. Political Realm is not associated with any candidate or campaign.

I (Andy) created this site as an outlet for my political interest. I see it as a way to inform my own opinion, while perhaps influencing, educating, and entertaining readers as well. My own politics are left of center, but I am not owned by any party or ideology. I strive to keep my writing here fair and honest. I currently live in Omaha, Nebraska, and have been happily married for several years. I am a big sports fan, most obsessively following the Oakland A’s. My favorite book is Cat’s Cradle, written by the late, great Kurt Vonnegut. Other passions include movies, art, and history.

Finally, in keeping perhaps with my previous entry:


My partner of four years and I were married last year in New Jersey. Yes, I said married, not civil unioned. I’d love to tell you more, but I need my jobs more than you need to know who I am. Thanks to the homophobes, fundies, conservative hypocrites, and other hateful people, I have to hide who I really am — unless of course I lived in CA, where Jenn says GBLT people have no fear of being fired or discriminated against, and where their relationships are sanctioned by the state. Oh wait, not.

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