China blocks internet access for foreign media

30 Jul

Just in from Radio Australia: China blocks internet access for foreign media.

Bright of them, isn’t it?

Despite everything I am determined, if I can, to enjoy these Olympic Games as I usually do… And I am sure they will be spectacular, and I perfectly understand the ordinary Shanghainese or Beijinger being really proud and upbeat. However, that Chinese Government. Oh dear yes… The wind can be fickle in Beijing.

Keep your eye on East South West North: Zona Europa over the next few weeks. (Marcel put me onto this site some time back.)


I had my own media blackout on Wednesday night; a power failure in our stairwell also knocked out the communal TV antenna, so I couldn’t watch last night’s Dateline on SBS where George Negus tipped a bucket on Channel Seven’s China arm, among others. See also Thursday’s Sydney Morning Herald.

I have already covered the “five forbidden topics” at various times on my blogs, but do propose to raise them during the Olympics — just as a reminder. I will, as I said above, seek to enjoy the Games as well.

It does seem that no-one should be surprised by this latest development; it appears the International Olympic Committee has been naive or disingenuous, or both.

See also: Email requesting Games media avoid ‘five forbidden topics’ just posted on SBS.

…Should you be coming to Beijing to cover Olympic related topics, then we would be only to happy to assist you with your requirements but should you be coming to Beijing to produce segments and stories on any of the forbidden topics, then I’m sorry but we are not going to be able to offer our support this time around.
I know that media generally needs a certain amount of latitude to be able to report on the real issues but I hope that you understand our situation and why we are not able to offer you our support.
Should you like to talk about this further or the five forbidden topics then please don’t hesitate to call me.
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Chief Operating Officer
Beijing International Media Services Company Ltd. (BMC)

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