Any of you watching Q&A at the moment?

31 Jul

It’s not too bad — but why, why, why are people still trotting out that absolute PIFFLE about the supposed petitions signed allegedly by a zillion scientists who do not support the human impact on the environment, global warming, etc…

When the topic appeared on the same show on 10 July I posted:

the highlight so far has been Andrew Bolt grappling with a REAL SCIENTIST and making a total goose of himself, on the matter of the amount of ice in the world, for example, and what is happening in Antarctica… See also Real Climate on Skeptics. Seems to believe in the so-called Global Warming Petition Project with its much touted “31,072 American scientists have signed this petition.” He quotes this as if it had some real weight. However, see Oregon Institute of Science and Malarkey on the background and the shonkiness of this, and also see Sourcewatch. Andrew Bolt on this one may as well admit to believing in fairies…

For God’s sake!!!

Fortunately there is a very sensible representative of business on the show. Let’s stop debating, she says, and grasp the opportunities this gives us. So true…

On the other hand, I really do think we should have a more sensible attitude to nuclear power, especially given the changes that have happened there in the past ten to twenty years. I do see though some merit in our relying on the resources and infrastructures we already have, suitably modified in the light of climate change… Yes, there is an issue there.

But climate change scepticism? You have to be joking… Flat earthism, that’s all it is now. See also the sidebar on the front page.

Here is the relevant Q&A Comment Thread.

Towards the end of the program the subject of gay marriage came up, from an online young gay viewer. Surprisingly, I felt the right-wing guy from the IPA said something unexpectedly interesting, which I may come back to. Tim Flannery was hilarious; Penny Wong defended the Rudd line. Aha, the IPA man just outed himself!

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