China relaxes internet bans for journos – 2008 Beijing Olympic Games – ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

01 Aug

As the news reader said: “What a difference a day makes!” China relaxes internet bans for journos and three hours later Beijing lifts some internet restrictions: IOC.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Chinese organisers have agreed to lift all internet restrictions for the Beijing Games, IOC vice-president Gunilla Lindberg says.

“The issue has been solved,” Ms Lindberg said.

“The IOC Coordination Commission and the Beijing Olympics Organising Committee (BOCOG) met last night and agreed.

“Internet use will be just like in any Olympics.”

ABC journalists in Beijing said they could access internet content about Tiananmen Square and other previously banned websites.

But it was not immediately clear if the restrictions had been lifted outside hubs for foreign media.

That last point remains to be seen. I notice in the flag collection in the side bar that one Chinese user has been to this blog, and that was on 27 July.

Still, the response is at least something, isn’t it. One thing for sure is that China really does want to mount a good Olympics. Here’s just one place I’ll be keeping tabs on:


See also China blocks internet access for foreign media and Chinese authorities’ broken promises threaten Olympic legacy | Amnesty International.


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3 responses to “China relaxes internet bans for journos – 2008 Beijing Olympic Games – ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

  1. whatwillsetyoufree

    August 9, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    I don’t believe in Olympics anymore and so as the rest of 200,000,000 Malayan race. If you visit* you will know why. In Barcelona they manipulated the scores, it is very clear, the filipinos have been cheated in boxing search “Onyok Velasco” in youtube and in Athens Taekwondo “Marie Antoinette Rivero” we lose the gold in the Greeks because our athlete’s opponent is a Greek. Damn these judges and the Olympics itself! It’s unfair if you are the one in this position. You’ve gotta see the truth. The CHINESE they are the worst cheaters! They skin dogs alive for fur. They are number1 problem of small countries. THINK!

    * Many will find this site offensive.

  2. Neil

    August 9, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    1. So why has Malaysia The Philippines sent a team? (I just checked where you are from.)

    2. Cheating. Yes, it does happen. “The Chinese are the worst cheaters” — they have quite a bit of competition, I would think, including from some European nations — as we have seen in the news over the past month.

    3. I am aware of the ethnic/community tensions in Malaysia and Indonesia, in particular, and also in the Philippines. However, to respond with racism — and that’s what you have done — is simply to make things worse. Everyone, and that means you and I and everyone else, has to get beyond that.

    If you reply — or if anyone else does — in a similar manner your comment, I’m afraid, will be delivered to the spam filter.

    By the way — I am not Chinese, but I do eat kangaroo…

    Anyone who seriously talks about “race” in this day and age is a fool…

  3. Neil

    August 10, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    … which is not to say there isn’t an economic/social issue of significance in The Philippines.

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