Sunday lunch, Sirdan, Artist Andy

04 Aug

andeKT Ande Kempnich Terare (right) has appeared on my blogs from time to time as “Artist Andy”; I hadn’t seen him in quite a while. I was happy to catch up again at The Oxford Hotel — somewhere I rarely go these days — when Sirdan and I dropped in after one of The Porter House Hotel’s excellent Sunday roasts — well, almost excellent this time, being just a little dry. We did decide that value for money the roast pork at The Bat and Ball is probably better.

In fact yesterday’s Sunday lunch, which became Sunday afternoon rather rapidly and involved rather more red wine than I would normally have, was particularly good all round. Certainly the conversation was great.

Sirdan and I walked back through Surry Hills, dropping into The Carrington in Bourke Street, another place I haven’t been for ages, for that final red wine. It is under new (Chinese) management, and is now a very cosy small bar with a quiet atmosphere. It has one of the cutest web sites I have ever seen! Have a look.

The red wine, fortunately, doesn’t seem to have caused next day problems… 🙂

Lovely afternoon.


” Sun Cycle “, by Ande Kempnich Terare
2007,  105 cm x 161 cm
Acrylic on Canvas   US$ 2,200


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