Wal-Mart Watch

08 Aug

I am blogging Wal-Mart Watch today because I have read Thomas’s latest instalment Holiday Road – VI — thoroughly enjoying it, I hasten to add, and looking forward to more.

This long drive was broken up by a couple of lunch/rest stops. Again, we stopped at WalMart. After just the second visit, I was in love with the place. They have everything – clothes to food, DVDs to books, drinks to guns. I couldn’t not go to the gun section each and every time I set foot in WalMart. It was such a foreign experience – and only available in America for the most part. I’d never seen a working gun not attached to a policeman’s hip in my life – not in Australia, not anywhere in Europe, not anywhere. And here I was, staring down the barrel of a rifle that was affordable enough that, given the right credentials, I could have walked out with then and there.

WalMart really won me over with its prices. The United States, for the most part, is extremely cheap with goods and services. Of course, tourist centres aren’t, but get out of there and you’ll find that it’s dirt cheap for things. As these posts continue, I’ll be giving some more prices. For this one, I brought over 8L of Gatorade for $US10. That was 8 bottle, and would sustain me for a long, long time. Here in Australia, 600mL costs $3.30 at my golf course (and that’s the status quo price). I brought over a kilo of baby carrots for $3.

These are side-notes to Thomas, not a comment directly on his post.

Wal-Mart does come at a price it seems.

As for the guns: interesting. Now I am quite politically incorrect about guns, compared to some. One of my earliest memories is of my uncle’s place in Shellharbour which had guns on the wall in the lounge room. Uncle Ken was a crack shot. My brother, to this day, is a shooter. SBHS has Rifle Shooting as a sport, not without a degree of bleating by many, but I don’t object to that. It’s an Olympic sport too. However, I don’t envy the US its free access to guns, not at all. I couldn’t help recalling — as I read what Thomas said — one of M’s trips; there is this great photo of M in an arms bazaar in Peshawar, clutching an AK 47 while a smiling female assistant — M was grinning too — held a handgun to his head! Wal-Mart and Peshawar: interesting comparison, isn’t it? (As travellers I suspect Thomas and M would have much in common.)

I look forward to Thomas’s next episode.

And speaking of other blogs: Sie stehen nicht im Stau, Sie sind der Stau is one of Marcellous’s best yet, in my opinion: original and distinctive. Sometimes I think I should just give up blogging and leave it to Marcellous and Thomas…

I have a strange feeling The Rabbit would second that…

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