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Maxthon Browser – Full-Featured Browser

I had never really noted the Maxthon Browser before. Had you? It comes in two varieties at the moment: Classic (which I am currently using) and a fancier version, which I have also downloaded. The latter looks good, but it seems that only the Classic, at the moment, enables the Windows Live Writer plug-in, which I am also using right now. (Firefox, my default browser, also allows WLW, which is my blog tool of choice these days, having much more to offer than the Flock Browser’s blog tool, and some advantages over using directly — the ability to do things like this, for example, and it is great with pics… The exception there is that it is best to use WP direct to embed YouTubes, and to insert PDF files or Powerpoints.)

Maxthon is originally Chinese, it appears. You can give yourself a very Chinese-looking skin, if you want to…


Maxthon Classic


Maxthon 2.1.3 — the fancy one.

The really good thing about both of them is that they don’t strain my Toshiba’s resources the way IE7 does.

Not bad at all, so far as I can tell, and worth considering.


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Beijing Olympics: ‘Ethnic’ children revealed as fakes in opening ceremony

Beijing Olympics: ‘Ethnic’ children revealed as fakes in opening ceremony – Telegraph. Now that we are shocked by this…


…and the fake firework footprints and the lip synching little girl, let’s all pause and consider…




…and dressing kiddies up as ethnic minorities…



No fakery among us, eh!

The Opening Ceremony was an outrageously extravagant show when all is said and done, put together by a great movie director, Zhang Yimou. Now we may well question the extravagance, and have no doubt about the propaganda purpose of the whole thing. On the other hand, the 5,000 years of tradition we saw displayed so proudly and so brilliantly is no fake, and that we do well to recall.

We would never orchestrate “reality” for the TV, would we? Make sure you visit the site linked to the following…


Of course, the contrived passage of the Olympic Torch through a sanitised, cordoned off, and beaten down Lhasa was, no doubt, an obscenity…


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