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A counter-post: images, choices, human nature


I make no claim to have solved

any of the great issues of human nature

but we do well to hold up for contemplation

the many instances of kindness and human goodness

this world affords —

irrespective of creed, culture or politics —

lest we despair and go mad…

faith trembles, halts, flutters on broken wings…

but is…

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Sex and the semicolon – The Boston Globe

“Sex and the semicolon” – The Boston Globe is one of those language articles that simultaneously delight and annoy; so much nonsense is written about language, but I won’t quarrel too much with Jan Freeman’s conclusion:

…the semicolon debate is a model of the way we should approach most disagreements about usage issues: as matters of taste, not law. The interesting questions, after all, aren’t about using its and it’s; they’re the ones that have, yes, nuance and complexity. 


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DVDs coming out my ears…

… thanks to a pile Sirdan lent me at the weekend, and Surry Hills Library.

Here is an ongoing summary.

1. After the Deluge (Australian 2003) — directed by Brendan Maher, written by Deborah (Seachange) Cox.

This was originally broadcast on Channel Ten, and I am glad I missed the commercial-punctuated version! I had doubts about this one at first, but on reflection think it rather good. David Lamb summarises for IMDB:

Follows the stories of the four men of the Kirby family. As Alex’s marriage breaks apart, Toby tries desperately to start a family, and Marty tries to kick-start his faded music career as well as find a meaningful relationship with someone his own age, all three must come to terms with their father’s mental state. Cliff, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, is reliving his disturbing memories of the war and his first love, as a part of his experiences of the present. Through all four stories, we uncover a family’s troubled past, and their struggle towards a reconciled future.

The extras on the DVD affected my opinion, as I realised the aim was in part to try to render how the world looks to an Alzheimer’s sufferer — so what appear at first to be flashback sequences are not conventional flashbacks but an attempt to depict the subjective experience of Alzheimer’s where past and present may overlap.

Well worth a look.

2. Underbelly Uncut [Australian 2008] — bracket/semi-colon is a trial isn’t it? See: 😉 when you want ;]…

I have only managed so far to see Disk 1, so I have a long way to go. Aussies would have to have been in a cave or a coma not to have heard of this one! I didn’t actually see much of it when it was on Channel Nine, I must say, but I am enjoying it now. I really don’t care how far it resembles the actual events in Melbourne from 1995 to around 2004, though it was close enough to have been embargoed in Victoria because of ongoing legal proceedings. Just as drama it is excellent, and I am looking forward to many more hours…

3. Borat (2006)

Do you need to be told? If you like The Chaser you will love Borat I suspect. I was amused, even if cringing at times… I suspect the USA really emerges quite unscathed in the end…

Love the IMDB’s frequently asked questions, especially How many lawsuits have been filed relating to this movie?

4. The Curiosity of Chance (2006) — a US/Belgian coproduction

IMDB summary:

High school coming-of-age tale. It is the 1980’s — and new wave angst and gender-bending fashion are all the rage. The new kid at school, Chance Marquis is a somewhat awkward teenager who is the target of the school bully. To deal with this dilemma, Chance turns to the opposite ends of the high school spectrum for help. On one end is the flamboyant drag queen and at the other end, the varsity jock. Includes conventions of the high school genre — the idiot faculty, the good-hearted but misguided parents, the fairy tale reversal of popularity.

I enjoyed it, even if movies like Priscilla, Queen of the Desert are better. See the web site.

I’ll post a few videos on the VodPod — see bottom of the side bar. I have added more to Ninglun’s DVDs.

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