Speech by Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama | for the record

30 Aug

You will find the full transcript below in PDF format.

Meanwhile, check out Greg Sheridan being totally predictable in The Australian:

BARACK Obama is a fraud. But he is a very familiar kind of fraud: a politician pretending to be something he’s not. He is not the post-partisan, post-ideological seeker of a new politics and leader of a broad social movement to redeem the soul of America.

Rather, he is a brilliantly gifted, traditional, self-seeking politician who has sought for a long time to get to the top. He is also a traditional left-liberal, obsessed, at least in his public life, with race. He has built the momentum of his campaign on the most dubious basis that can exist in a democracy for garnering political support, racial identity.

But if he wins the US election in November, as he well might, he will have a chance to be a good president. The ruthlessness of his politics is the most encouraging suggestion that a desire to be re-elected will keep him near the middle ground. That Obama is such a brilliant politician is evident in the fact that he came from nowhere to win the Democratic nomination. In that he confounded all the smartest judges of American politics, whether liberal or conservative.

He certainly confounded President George W. Bush. Now it is customary in polite circles to regard Bush as a gibbering idiot or the devil incarnate. But Bush twice won the governorship of Texas and the presidency of the US, so he must know something…

Greg has long been in that conga line Mark Latham once named so memorably… 

But Greg is positively sane and reasonable compared with some of the tragics I have been reading while surfing via BlogExplosion — and so, incidentally, is Mark Latham. There is an underbelly in the US political blogosphere — so-called conservatives and that totally US species of libertarians — that go beyond appalling. Some of the stuff one reads makes even Pauline Hanson look like an Enlightenment philosopher! One would despair of the USA very quickly if that were all that is out there — or over there. But it isn’t so, thank God.

Great speech. Let’s hope one day we also see great actions, and that the USA has a chance to undo much of the dross of the past eight years…

The USA can decide if they need a change in the next few months; most of the rest of us know they do. We’re keeping our fingers crossed — Greg Sheridan excepted, of course.

Obama Speech PDF


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2 responses to “Speech by Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama | for the record

  1. Thomas

    August 30, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    You touched on a lot of topics there Neil that could each have a post – the speech, anti-Obama sentiments, the need for change in the US, and, of course, the election itself.

    But I read Sheridan and he just is espousing lies. It’s not even just opinion, he is making it sound like a supported opinion. How he calls Obama a brilliantly gifted, traditional, self-seeking politician who has sought for a long time to get to the top”, it makes him sound like the two are close friends.

    He backs up his case by pointing out that Obama “came from no where” to win the primary. No, he didn’t. He ran a smarter race, a different race, and a new race. Clinton ran an aweful race. If people like Sheridan had been keeping an eye on ground movements (like some of the “judges” that he claims were blindsided did, and some of us simple bloggers), they would have seen Obama coming. Some of us did. It’s the media “judges” that were ignorant of Obama’s potential and position for success, all because they were in an older mindset of politics too.

    And to claim Obama is making this a campaign about racial identity is just ignorant of the claims that he is too white to be black and too black to be white. He doesn’t actively come out and campaign as ‘the black candidate’, nor does her try and cover up the fact that he has a black father. He campaigns as Barack Obama, and on a platform tht regularly espouses race is not an issue in politics. People like Sheridan might claim that it’s all a face, and that it’s lies, but then these are the same people that will say *everything* Obama says is a lie. And, funnily enough, that’s what Sheridan says.

    The speech itself was a political masterstroke. Anyone tuned into the campaigning thus far will know why, and those not will critique it as a bad speech. It served its purpose beyond what it was expected to do.

  2. Neil

    August 30, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    Thanks for confirming what a prat Sheridan is.

    You may care to check John Taplin’s blog, if you haven’t already. We should keep an eye on what he says about Ms Palin — starting with an entry called “Dan Quayle in drag”.

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