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31 Aug

Watch the blogosphere erupt at Sarah Palin — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress! Thomas has already indicated his view, with more to come.

One thing from an Aussie perspective: she makes both Julia Gillard and Julie Bishop look fabulous!


See: What is McCain Thinking? One Alaskan’s Perspective.

“Is this a joke?”  That seemed to be the question du jour when my phone started ringing off the hook at 6:45am here in Alaska.  I mean, we’re sort of excited that our humble state has gotten some kind of national ‘nod’….but seriously?  Sarah Palin for Vice President?  Yes, she’s a popular governor.  Her all time high approval rating hovered around 90% at one point.  But bear in mind that the 90% approval rating came from one of the most conservative, and reddest-of-the-red states out there.  And that approval rating came before a series of events that have lead many Alaskans to question the governor’s once pristine image.

There is no doubt in my mind that many Alaskans are feeling pretty excited about this.  But we live in our own little bubble up here, and most of the attention we get is because of The Bridge to Nowhere, polar bears, the indictment of Ted Stevens, and the ongoing investigation and conviction of the string of legislators and oil executives who literally called themselves “The Corrupt Bastards Club”.

So seeing our governor out there in the national spotlight accepting the nomination for Vice Presidential candidate is just downright surreal…


You will see so far that comments are one for, one against…

This morning’s Australian has Geoff Elliott saying Reckless pick bad news for Australia.

ALLIES like Australia have reason to be worried about John McCain’s vice-presidential pick.

One doesn’t wish McCain ill, but if he wins in November, at 72 he will be the oldest president to enter the White House. He’s had bouts of cancer, including aggressive surgery on his face to remove a melanoma.

Imagine the scenario, heaven forbid, if he were to die in his first few months in office. Sarah Palin, with no foreign policy experience and untested on the national and international stage, would be calling the shots, setting policy on US engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan, where our Diggers are, or have been, in harm’s way.

It would make a president McCain’s decision on who is secretary of state, defence secretary and national security adviser even more important than it usually is.

What McCain has done in selecting Palin is an entirely political decision to win him the general election, which proves again that self-interest always triumphs in politics.

But in terms of foreign policy, in which Australia has most interest, this is a reckless move and potentially stressful toour alliance in the event that early in the next administration Palin were elevated to the presidency.

The comeback from the McCain campaign is that Barack Obama is even less experienced than Palin. As a political argument, this is understandable and worth running, but it is intellectually dishonest.

You don’t pull off what Obama has done in the past 18 months and not be qualified to lead. In fact, this is what the whole process is about – testing candidates in the public glare seven days a week for nearly two years so Americans can make their judgment on who should lead their parties.

Obama has passed that test with his party’s voters, and is now being tested again against McCain in the general election.

Obama’s intellectual heft plus his state department in waiting – about 300 foreign policy advisers are already signed on to his team – shores up his credentials.

And his pick of Joe Biden, 65, as his VP means that should Obama come to harm, the US and its allies will have in a president Biden – a life-long senator and two-time presidential candidate – an expert in foreign policy and international relations.

That’s not to say Obama’s decision on Biden was not a political decision either, designed to neutralise the argument that he lacked experience.

But from an Australian perspective, there appears little risk in the pairing of the Obama-Biden ticket.

Senior Republican sources with knowledge of McCain’s thinking say the Republican faced two scenarios in his VP decision.

Either he was travelling well in the campaign against Obama, so choose an establishment VP candidate such as a Mitt Romney. Or that the headwinds are so strong against Republicans this year that there was little chance he would win, so he had to try to go for a game changer.

“This selection shows where McCain thinks the campaign was at – that they faced the prospect of a wipeout in November,” a source said.

McCain can be expected to placate allies by saying that he, as commander-in-chief, will be calling the shots and doesn’t need someone, as Obama needs Biden, to help him through – in this way again highlighting Obama’s lack of experience.

Fair enough, and McCain’s knowledge and experience in foreign relations is beyond dispute. But it’s another political argument, since Canberra is comfortable with Obama, tested as he has been through the Democratic process and as he is shown to have remarkable administrative abilities. Canberra’s main concern with Obama is on trade policy, in which he has sounded the usual populist rhetoric, although less so now he is the presidential nominee and has moved to the centre of US politics.

Palin? For the US, she might be a great vice-president – her reformist agenda is admirable and she has star quality and a fascinating life story. But that’s for Americans to debate.

Australia, rightly, has no say in the electoral process in the US. We are observers. But this is a poor decision. The Howard government and now the Rudd Government have had to do some hefty political lifting at home to ensure that, despite the mistakes in Iraq and the unpopularity of the Bush administration, the alliance with the US remains core foreign policy.

But as an ally who has fought alongside the US forces in every conflict America has been involved in for the past 100 years, there is reason to be worried. As an ally, we deserved better than this from McCain.

At the same time, the Australian also rehashes an article from the Weekly Standard by William Da NeoKon Kristol; it’s not in the online edition, but can be found at source:

A spectre is haunting the liberal elites of New York and Washington–the spectre of a young, attractive, unapologetic conservatism, rising out of the American countryside, free of the taint (fair or unfair) of the Bush administration and the recent Republican Congress, able to invigorate a McCain administration and to govern beyond it.

That spectre has a name–Sarah Palin, the 44-year-old governor of Alaska chosen by John McCain on Friday to be his running mate…

I begin to suspect the fiction involved here is that McCain picked her; I suspect he hardly knows her.**

An older article in the Australian is worth visiting: Carl Ungerer on May 27, 2008.

THE US presidential campaign may seem like half a world away but it will have real consequences for the future of Australian foreign policy and our national security interests.

The next president, Democrat or Republican, will want to make a decisive break from the policies of the Bush administration, especially the quagmire in Iraq. The age of imperial hubris is over.

Each of the candidates, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, has pledged less unilateralism and more consultation with allies. But how much more? On what issues? And what does this mean for Australian foreign and security policy settings?…

McCain’s Machiavellis: An eclectic mix of old-fashioned conservatives with some hard-headed realists. The team is led by Randy Scheunemann, a long-serving Republican staffer and former adviser to Senate leaders Trent Lott and Bob Dole.

Among the rest of team are some interesting and contradictory voices: the father of realist foreign policy, Henry Kissinger, and the two architects of the neo-conservative revolution under George W. Bush, William Kristol and Robert Kagan.

This has led some commentators to suggest that McCain’s foreign policy would be confused at best and possibly schizophrenic. The campaign also lists Richard Armitage as an adviser. This is the only bit of good news. Armitage is a long-time friend of Australia, has made many visits here and is close to the Rudd Government.

McCain’s team will be bullish on Iraq and demand a robust set of policies towards Iran, including support for military action to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The global war on terrorism will be a dominant focus of the US, and Australia will be expected to do more, both regionally and internationally, in the fight against al-Qa’ida…

Kristol and Kagan would appear to be in the ascendant right now. That, people, is a real worry.

…John McCain chose this woman to be his running mate after a 5 minute meeting with no vetting. Was that a responsible choice to make? John McCain chose not to delegate any responsibility over the VP selection process to someone responsible. Is that the act of a president? And John McCain has put Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency with no thought and no responsibility…

Note: 8 September

On the Palin letter referred to in the thread below, see


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32 responses to “Sarah Palin — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

  1. Bob Beckley

    September 1, 2008 at 12:24 am

    (©2008 Bob Beckley parody lyric)





  2. Dennis Edstrom

    September 1, 2008 at 7:01 am

    McCain’s selection of running mate Palin has turned the Republican campaign into a Seinfeld rerun. Palin even looks like Elaine although Palin is less qualified to be vice president.

  3. cynthia ramirez

    September 3, 2008 at 8:13 am

    Palin’s beliefs and stated values seem in conflict with her ambition for power. A mother’s first responsibility is to guide her children, especially her daughter’s. How can a mother of five, give adequate time to her children and carry the responsiblity of VP? I worked all my life and raised 4 wonderful children, none teen age pregnant, but I remember how tired and how much time I had to give to direct them thru their teens. My husband did great with sons, but daughters need Mom. Now a 17 yr old is to get married and be an adult. Kudos she is having her baby, marriage. What family support?

  4. tayeko

    September 3, 2008 at 8:57 am

    The responses I have heard to date make me feel that we have slipped into the “Land of Oz”. If this were not the most important election of our lifetime this circus would be humorous. It appears to me the McCain and the Republicans are trying desperately to keep the focus on values and not on the issues. Hey it worked for the past 2 elections so why not now? And to make sure they are successful they select a female with the least amount of experience but with a profile that fits the “Annie Oakley”-gun slinging, kill all the wild life, family values-just say no and abstinence works, right to lifer, pro growth, pro oil, anti environment, drill for oil at the expense of protecting the last major wild life refuge, creationist to fill the shoes of the second most powerful position in the free world. She is a fundamentalist no different from the Islamic fundamentalist she professes to abhor. The Republican war against science will be realized if this ticket is elected in the fall. The change in the political climate since the 1960’s has been remarkable. John Kennedy had to prove that he could govern independent of the “Pope” and his religious beliefs. Now we can’t elect a candidate who does not consult with “God”. What happened to the separation of Church and State? What has happened to this Country? What has happened to the free “liberal” media who use to be able to ask tough questions and who were not afraid to do independent reporting? If there are not more reasoned articles like this one, we are doomed. McCain’s cavalier choice of Palin speaks volumes for his judgment or lack of judgment. Wake up America. Can we really have a President that so proudly shots from the hip without having his staff do due diligence on selecting a VP? Is this the type of man we need to lead and protect this Country in the 21st Century? Four more years of McBush will produce a third world country with religious values which will mirror those of the middle ages.

  5. C Love

    September 3, 2008 at 11:42 am

    When is someone going to mention that Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden was arrested in 2002 for a misdemeanor of obstructing a police officer. She did this while the Chicago police were trying to arrest another person for throwing a bottle at police outside of a bar in Chicago. Biden blocked the officer and made threatening statements.

    When is madness going to end leave the family members alone and move on to the political race and issues.

  6. Neil

    September 3, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    When is someone going to mention that Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden was arrested in 2002 for a misdemeanor of obstructing a police officer.

    Guess you just did! 😉

    Keep in mind this is all academic for me; I am in Australia. However, some of us have concerns, as for example in the story in the post from The Australian.

    I will share another Oz commentator now, Annabel Crabb in today’s Sydney Morning Herald; some in the US may be amused.

    YESTERDAY was a tough day to be an Australian political reporter.

    In America, joyous reporters swarmed like ants over Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, who zooms in her snowmobile across the caribou plains with rifle at the ready, and her youngest children – Twig, Block and Tackle, or something similar – snuggled into a papoose at her side.

    Whether Governor Palin turns out to be a triumph or a disaster, who can avoid being fascinated by a woman who prefers to catch and cook her own moose?…

    She goes on to discuss our Kevin Rudd and company.

  7. Jenny Wiley

    September 3, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    Anyone really give any thought to the most obvious explanation for all this. If Trig is Bristol’s, and they were covering it up in the first place (including not revealing the truth to the McCain campaign), and this was then discovered, what choice would the McCain camp have but to trump up some story such as: “Oh it can’t be Bristol’s, well, why?, well because she’s been…pregnant actually, for 5 months as a matter of fact, and the baby is 4 months old…see, impossible.” How perfectly convenient and how well the narrative could be sold to the evangelical right. Then a very sad miscarriage shortly after election day tragically happens, and all is forgotten. Does this seem so unlikely?? Has any independent source even confirmed the pregnancy? Maybe someone like a medical doctor!

  8. Neil

    September 4, 2008 at 7:41 am

    Note this response to this thread from The Writing Life II. And I will give you ONE guess who Miranda Devine is rooting for, if you will pardon the Americanism. 😉 …being blackballed by the National Organisation for Women and denounced by enraged lefties is a plus for Palin, whose great appeal is the nose-thumbing ballsiness of her politically incorrect persona. She’s a hunting, shooting former beauty queen/mother of five/career woman with a hunky blue-collar husband who not only works on oil rigs and runs a commercial fishing operation but is part Inuit and a snowmobile racer who has been dubbed Alaska’s First Dude…

  9. Katie Fuson

    September 4, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Oh I see someone who has only spent 3 years in the senate, two of which were spent on the campaign trail is so much more qualified to be president. Wow I so wish I could be such a perfect parent that my kids do everything I want them too and follow my beliefs, after all I am raising mechines not individuals with minds of their owns.

  10. Neil

    September 4, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    Surely the parenting skills of whoever on whichever side are of very doubtful relevance to the question of whether that person is fit to lead a country.

    What may be a little more relevant is whether the beliefs of a candidate fit them (or not) to deal with a complex and culturally diverse world where “our” way may not always be the best guide.

    So happens my own brother married at 19 a girl of 17; 4 great kids resulted, though one of them has gone on to have a troubled life. As for the marriage, it was a disaster really — now long over. But that was in the mid 1950s when there were fewer options. It does worry me — not all that much because I live in another country after all — that Sarah Palin’s beliefs seem so naive at certain levels, not least in her approach to sexuality. But there are other beliefs that she shares, it seems, with many conservative Americans that scare me to death — and not only me, I can assure you.

    She does sound like an interesting woman in many ways. But I doubt very much that she has had anything like the experience of those she is up against on the other side — relevant experience I mean. The same cannot of course be said of McCain.

    At the same time I look on what I see of the team behind them with considerable anxiety, as an Australian.

  11. Tracey

    September 4, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    I think its great that a woman has been nominated! I do however believe that there are several other women out there that have far greater influence and power to change the face of American politics. Women that can force positive change, not only for the women of America – for American people in general.

    The views of Neil are quite apt – that Sarah Palin’s beliefs seem naive. Old fashioned really.
    I was on the fence about Palin from the moment news of her election broke. What pushed me off the fence and over to the other side was the revelation that she doesn’t (or didn’t until very recently) believe that global warming is caused by human beings.

    Has she been living under a rock somewhere for the past 5 years?
    I’m not an American, and don’t have to make a choice of who I would like be my President. All I can do is wait and hope that the American people vote having considered the BIGGER picture.

  12. Neil

    September 4, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    I would not totally agree that global warming is caused by human beings apart from other factors, I have to say, but I do not agree with Palin either. I do think the evidence is in for all but the most recalcitrant that human activity in the past century or so has accelerated and complicated harmful climate change and that human action, determined human action, is needed to undo some of our excesses and their effects, so far as is possible. No action is just not an option.

    Note the box on this in the side bar and my climate change category tag. That’s shorthand for “I don’t really want to argue the case in this thread.” 😉

  13. Pat

    September 5, 2008 at 12:48 am

    I was most impressed with Palins speech at the RNC. She
    is like me and most all voters – Her experience as being
    is most overshadowed by her huge strenghth of being like
    the people who will vote for her. She is not an insider with
    a preagenda of “self”. She and her family represent America
    voters and that is what this country needs. I voted for Obama in the primaries however after careful consideration
    and getting over the “change you can believe in” mentality
    I came to my senses and realized he and his associates are
    definately not what I want for my country. I am not rich
    or well off by any means. I am hurting like everyone else
    and I most certainly hope Americans will wake up and see
    SOCIALISM for what it is. Go McCain

  14. lise

    September 5, 2008 at 4:21 am

    You know what they call a bulldog with lipstick….


    Democrats its time to come out swinging for one in our lives.


  15. Neil

    September 5, 2008 at 9:52 am

    Well, those last too contrast, don’t they? Pat, I certainly respect what you say but I do wish Americans would stop obsessing about “socialism” because by and large they seem to have no idea what they are talking about. Anything even mildly progressive, socially responsible, or unselfish in the area of public policy gets labelled “socialist”over there, it seems to me — as an Australian quite used to much some Americans would call “socialist” and very happy with it too. That’s one of the things that scares me when US “conservatives” open their mouths… And I am actually fairly conservative myself on many issues, by Australian standards. I am certainly not a Marxist.


    This scares me too: Stop Sarah Palin! The Books She Wanted BANNED!


    On the other hand, we should all read this: A letter from someone who has known Sarah Palin since 1992.

  16. rHarrison Foster

    September 5, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    What a bitch! God help us if she ever became President by default!

  17. John

    September 6, 2008 at 2:26 am

    PALIN’s Daughter is Knocked up…PALINs Husband was LOCKED UP and McCAIN needs Propped up…This is a complete farce in America. WRECKLESS REPUBLICANS lying about everything except for McCAIN’s pow status that we have heard over and over and over and over…pathetic

  18. Charles Hill

    September 6, 2008 at 2:46 am

    Some sobering thought for both sides in the Sarah Palin frenzy.

    I never heard of her before Friday’s announcement. I immediately googled her and found some fascinating material. Keep in mind this was before all the new pages appeared so all the articles were on what see had actually done. OMG!

    Everyone seems assured Biden will destroy her in the VP debate.
    Newsflash, 2 years ago she debated the sitting GOP Governor, who also happened to have spent over 20 years in the US Senate, and killed him and won the election in a landslide.

    Everyone seems assured she wont hold up without a teleprompter.
    Watch this video interview with Newsweek on female governors last march.

    There seems to have been a 2 year old grassroots effort to get her to VP, first for Rudy, and only later for Jonnie. Look for the older stuff on this site; front page is RA RA for her now.
    Was she behind this? Is this part of HER overall plan?

    Newsflash for the GOP bigwigs that think they can use her to stay in power and forget about her, that’s what all the Alaskan GOP bigwigs thought to, they don’t have jobs now. She is so hated by the old time GOP powers that her name is not mentioned on the GOP’s state website.

    “In the roughly three years since she quit as the state’s chief regulator of the oil industry, Palin has crushed the Republican hierarchy (virtually all male) and nearly every other foe or critic. Political analysts in Alaska refer to the “body count” of Palin’s rivals. “The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who crossed Sarah,” says pollster Dave Dittman, who worked for her gubernatorial campaign. It includes Ruedrich, Renkes, Murkowski, gubernatorial contenders John Binkley and Andrew Halcro, the three big oil companies in Alaska, and a section of the Daily News called “Voice of the Times,” which was highly critical of Palin and is now defunct.”

    Funniest video take on Sarah, done by 2 guys who think there slamming her, just like Archie Bunker was supposed to be making fun of people like him.

  19. Neil

    September 6, 2008 at 8:50 am

    Last night here in Oz ABC Local’s Nightlife with Tony Delroy had their usual Friday night chat with their Washington correspondent. It would be fair to say Delroy is not a fan of the Republicans, but he was putting the view that he now believes McCain and Palin will scrape home in the election. Sadly, some might say, he was rather convincing in what he said… You may be able the listen via the podcast to be found on that site; no transcript, I’m afraid, and the relevant part is near the end of the podcast, I would think.

  20. Paul

    September 6, 2008 at 8:56 am

    Palin should have been a GIRL SCOUT TROOP LEADER – instead of a Hockey Mom —- WHY ????

    Because Girl Scout leaders always tell their troop to always be “Prepared”…….

    i.e. – > Spend less time watching the hockey games and spend more time teaching your daughters about BIRTH CONTROL.

  21. ALICE

    September 6, 2008 at 10:58 am

    McCain ‘s entire political campaign currently reminds me of the fairy tale “The Emperiors New Clothes.” First, he’s the “EXPERIENCE” candidate. Now, like Obama, he’s the “CHANGE” candidate, the so called maverick (who’s voted with President Bush 90% of the time). Then, most remarkably, he names this women that no one ever heard of-as his VP, without fully vetting her. This women is an insult to any serious career women, who has worked very hard getting an education (and not prancing around in some swimsuit) to advance herself. If he wanted a women, there are a lot of intelligent, capable women within his party, to choose from.

    What is this man thinking? Is it, I know the Republican party
    is going to back me on my choice of VP because they are
    desperate to have a republican President remain in the White House. Women are so desperate to see a women on the ticket, they will vote for ANY women. The rural, small town, people will like the fact that she’s not well-educated and she hunts. They won’t even think about the economy. As for men, she’s easy on the eyes and they will like the fact that she was a beauty contestant. All of this, along with my
    POW status, will get me into the White House.

    Well, Senator McCain, I believed you when you said you thought the economy was okay. Multimillionaires like your wife and yourself don’t have to worry about the economy;
    especially if you become president and keep giving all the tax breaks to big businesses (like your wifes’). I even gave you the benefit of the doubt, when you said you loved this country so much that you would rather lose an election than lose a war. I thought to myself, maybe you lost some of your mental capabilities those years as a POW, and you don’t care
    if America and its citizens goes broke funding this non-purposeful war. I wondered what is it that we will have won in the process of becoming a third war country; But, as I
    stated previously, I wrote this off as mental instability and in your mind- winning a war=love of country.

    However, after choosing Palin, to suceed you as President of this country (if something were to happen to you), that you claim to love so much. I’ve concluded that you don’t love this country at all. All you care about is winning this election; and
    you counting on ignorant people (racist, homophobic, etc.) to help you do it. I hope the people you counting on to win this election smarten up and realize you don’t give a damn about
    them. What good is it keeping the white house WHITE, pre-
    venting gays civil rights and taking away a womens right to
    make choices about her own body—when you are homeless?

    The only good that would come out of McCain and Palin in the
    white house, is that ignorant people will be too busy with their own problems to hate others who are different. Come on people! This is not a beautiful silk robe McCain is wearing.
    Before it’s too late, see him as he truly is , BUCK NAKED!

  22. Neil

    September 6, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Jim Wallis is peeved with Sarah Palin, I see: Palin Owes Some Good People An Apology (by Jim Wallis).

    …Wednesday night I heard Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin say that her experience as “a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities.” The convention crowd in St. Paul thought that was very funny. But it wasn’t. It was actually quite insulting to the army of community organizers who work in the most challenging places across the country and have such a tremendous impact on the everyday lives of millions of people. I guess Palin and her fellow Republican delegates don’t know much about that. The “actual responsibilities” of community organizers literally provide the practical support, collective strength, and hope for a better future that low-income families need to survive…

    And when you put the accomplishments of politicians alongside those of community organizers for poor families, it isn’t even close. Without the pressure from community organizers and the movements they lead, there would often be nobody to hold politicians accountable.

    “Politicians should thank community organizers, not insult them. As a longtime organizer, I’ve seen time and time again that we are the ones who make government work for the poor, the powerless and the marginalized. Politicians’ policies and promises would amount to nothing without grassroots activists to hold them accountable. We are leaders of faith and stewards of democracy. In a time when the face of faith in politics is often ugly, community organizing is a valuable example of faith’s positive role in public life,” said Pastor Mark Diemer, senior pastor of Grace of God Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio, and a DART community organizer.

    Palin’s effort to attack the experience of Barack Obama, a former community organizer in Chicago, turned into a bad joke and an insult. Palin owes a lot of good people an apology.

    Strong stuff, coming as it does from an evangelical…

  23. Nate

    September 6, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    Wow! Talk about a load…. I’ve seen a couple of comments from folks lamenting the fact that Gov. Palin has no experience. Whoa there nellie… you think Sen Obama does? And he’s only running for president! Also, Sarah’s son is what… 4 months old, and her daughter is what… 5 months pregnant. You conspiracy theorists need to get a grip!!! I just love this stuff. Now who can say politics can’t be fun?

  24. Neil

    September 7, 2008 at 1:13 am

    Well, yes, Nate — there is a funny side to all this. Can’t see any connection much between your comment and the one before though. No conspiracy theory in that one. Yes, one or two of the comments were a bit on the conspiracy line — take or leave those according to your own taste.

    To be honest, Nate, I feel sorry for whoever wins the election. Who would really want to be President or Vice-President of the USA over the next four years? You’d have to be very dedicated — which I hope both sides are of course — or just a bit mad… A lot harder than being Prime Minister of Australia, for example, because our PM doesn’t have anything like the power of a US President.

    But then I feel a bit sorry for the new Premier we have in NSW this weekend too; poor guy — has quite a mess left to him…


    September 10, 2008 at 7:08 am


  26. Neal Anderson

    September 10, 2008 at 11:29 am

    Incredibly, the left seems to be clueless regarding the separation of powers and how the government actually works.

    Vote 100 to 0 and the troops are home.

    Vote 100-0 and the veto does not work.

    The president does not have as much power as the senators tell us. It’s easier to blame Bush for Congress’s lack of a backbone.

    Biden and Obama talk a big game now about all the things they want to do. However, the past is the true test of what will happen is the future. Why should we believe that Obama will actually do what he plans when neither he or Biden have introduced one bill containing their current policy? Although Obama has basically been absent from the Senate, Biden has had 35 years to pass legislation like health care for all, wealth redistribution, lower taxes for 95% of people, etc. Why is this the first time the two senators are talking about this? It couldn’t be to buy votes, could it?

    ing about all of these programs now wheWhy haven’t biden or obama introduced one bill containing one item of policy about which they are now speaking?

  27. freddy ortmann

    September 11, 2008 at 6:03 am

    if obama can’t handle a so called secratary from alaska how is he going to handle the world in crisis

  28. Elliana

    September 11, 2008 at 9:23 am

    Sarah Palin is a joke. I can’t believe that people actually are defending her. Do you think I am stupid? Palin was chosen to be a disturbance to the real issues going on with McCain. Just like Obama said “you can put lip stick on a pig, but at the end of the day it’s still going to be a pig” Palin didn’t even give a TV interview yet. So you tell me what is she hiding and why is she so scared to sit down with a reporter. I will tell you why, she can’t answer the tough questions! Also do your research about her speech because everything that came out of her mouth at the RNC was a lie. So please give me a break when you defend this retard!

  29. Michele

    September 12, 2008 at 6:22 am

    All I know all moms like me are turning to the McCain/Palin ticket. Go SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We all want Palin, we love her, she knows what it is like to be a full time mom and and work full time. She can do it all, what a resume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have talked to masses of women turning away from that sexist Obama and loser pick Biden. Obama should have picked Hillary when he had a chance. That just shows you what he thinks about women, he totally discounts them.

  30. Wayne Paquette

    September 12, 2008 at 7:56 am

    Sarah Palin aka Sarah the Barracuda is bit much given her intellectual capacity and all the cosmetics she wears. Scrap off the makeup and have her undergo some scrutiny by the press and it becomes obvious that a better nickname is Sarah the Minnow.

    My own favorite nick for Palin is; the half-baked Alaskan bimbo.

    If Palin had any appreciation for the history of her party she would know that the amount of executive experience of the first Republican president, Abe Lincoln, amounted to ZERO!

  31. Neil

    September 12, 2008 at 9:04 am

    This could go on forever, and probably will. 😉

    However, in keeping with my general policy of closing threads after a couple of weeks, I am shutting this one down. Thanks to all for your contributions.

  32. Gene Chernota

    September 12, 2008 at 9:05 am

    Just watched Charlie Gibson’s interview on TV with Sarah Palin. I found myself shouting at the TV at her responses. Seems she can’t answer a question with a simple yes or no. She gives a song and a dance. Her adage seems to be, “If You Can’t Dazzle ’em With Brilliance, Then Baffle ’em With B/S.

    I can’t, in a million years, understand why anyone in their right mind would vote for her and McCain, who are Republicans. I don’t care if they ARE different from Bush, They’re STILL republicans. It always takes a Democrat to get us out of the mess the Republicans got us in.

    Remember, The Republicans are for the rich. The Democrats are for the working man.

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