I’d like to thank Sarah Palin…

04 Sep

… and Twig, Nettle, Pox, and Gumnut and all the clan. They have done such marvellous things for my blog! 🙂

It’s only 8am here in The Land of Oz and already Sitemeter records 267 visits to the Floating Life on WordPress blogs. Yesterday was 866. The Traffic Prediction says if the last week is any guide — though of course it isn’t — I will have 16,545 visits this month. 25,000 if you judge by the past day!

With two hours to go in its GMT mode, WordPress says there have been 734 views of Floating Life. Yesterday’s 767 still stands as the best ever, though it will be interesting — to me at least — to see if that is still so at 10am when the GMT day is over.**

It has also been pleasing to have had two significant cultural groups here in Sydney requesting the use of my blog to publicise their stuff: the South Coast Writers’ Centre and the Griffin Theatre.

Today I am resting on my laurels then, and give you something to relax to yourselves: Time for some music.

** That record was broken around 8.30am. Yesterday is now the best ever. It ended up on a neat 800 views.

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