Iemma rolled amid Labor turmoil

05 Sep

Such drama here in NSW!

Morris Iemma has been forced to resign as New South Wales Premier after sacking his colourful Treasurer Michael Costa. Nathan Rees or Carmel Tebbutt are now in line to be elevated to the premiership in a bid to try to rebuild the party’s flagging political fortunes. News that Mr Iemma was gone came in the wake of a press conference by Mr Costa, who said he did not consider that he had been sacked until the decision was ratified by a Caucus meeting.

Bye bye, Morrie!


ABC pic


Nathan Rees is now NSW Premier. Only in Parliament for 18 months, and at one time a garbage man — an experience that may well be relevant — he does come across fairly well. He has a job on his hands; some wit a day or two back said the ship was deserting the sinking rats, and there is something in that I fear. But whatever, I do like the cut of Nathan’s jib, I have to say…

Saturday morning

There has been something of an outbreak of honesty in some of the interviews that have surrounded the sinking of Morrie. Nice guy, but never very convincing. Former Treasurer Michael Costa definitely has personality issues — some of which he has quite candidly admitted to in recent times — but in his farewell package he certainly told it as it is. He also admitted the problems go way back to Bob Carr’s day; now there was a man who had read his tea-leaves — or coffee grounds — back in August 2005. Bob is, and was, very plausible; you may take that in several senses.

I don’t usually quote The Australian’s Imre Salusinszky — very much a culture warrior — but he does get recent events pretty right in this story and this commentary.

Here is one of the new Premier’s interviews: NSW Premier Nathan Rees speaks to Lateline.

VIRGINIA TRIOLI: And congratulations on being made Premier today. It’s been an unholy mess, a really crazy last few months, hasn’t it, and a destabilised and fracturing time for the Labor Government? How do you unite now such a deeply divided party?

NATHAN REES: Well, I think you nailed it just then. It’s been an unholy mess and what we’ve demonstrated today as a party is that we recognise that it’s been a mess and we recognise that we need to deliver much better than that for the people of NSW. The changes that were made today, with the resignation, the courageous resignation of Premier Iemma – or former Premier Iemma – and the installation of myself and my deputy Carmel Tebbutt demonstrates how seriously we take the job of fixing the public’s view of our delivery and we take it very seriously…

By the way, he has a degree in English Literature from Sydney University — so no wonder I like the cut of his jib… 😉

Sunday night

Worth looking at: ALP dominance crumbles by Trevor Cook on ABC Unleashed.


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2 responses to “Iemma rolled amid Labor turmoil

  1. The Rabbit

    September 5, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    I don’t think he’ll be badly missed. Do you remember the day Carr resigned?

  2. Neil

    September 5, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Sure do, and seem to recall the news came to us simultaneously. That part of my electronic memory has however gone in the editing I did when I moved the archive over to this blog.

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