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A memorable week on Floating Life

Let Sitemeter give the general picture:


The column on the right of the graph is today from midnight to 9am our time.

With one hour to go in their counting, WordPress has 3,612 views of the Floating Life blog alone in the past seven days. But the great rush seems to be over.

Now for the most visited posts (individually opened) in the past seven days.

Floating Life

Ninglun’s Specials

Floating Life 04/06 ~ 11/07


Not counted by the Sitemeter pictured at the top of this post; the English/ESL Sitemeter shows 1,685 visits in the past seven days.

Other news

This week three other things of note happened on my blogs, or around them… First, I started using Google Chrome, which I really do like. I am still fond of Maxthon (both Classic and Maxthon2) and Flock, but I have long been over IE, and am not totally fond of Firefox 3.  Second, I was happy to have my blog used to promote some worthwhile cultural events in Sydney and Wollongong.  Third, WordPress launched a template I really like. even if there is still a bug or two in it to be worked out. For example, it doesn’t at this time support numbered lists, and it doesn’t separate paragraphs well enough in comments or blockquotes. However, you’ll have noticed, if you go there, a tweak or two I have been able to manage, especially in the side bar.

And there was rather more about M than usual, especially on NTDTV Chinese International Photography Competition.


On Floating Life I have added to Iemma rolled amid Labor turmoil and my new entry is Another music interlude.


Thought you should know: Ninglun on Blogspot made it to 46 visitors in the past seven days, according to its own Sitemeter.

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Another music interlude


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