2008 Beijing Paralympics Games – ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

07 Sep

So I sat up until almost 2am again to watch the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games – ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). I’m glad I did. It was a great opening ceremony — no anticlimax after the main Games, and arguably even better, if different.


It was also just marvellous not to have the ceremony punctuated by commercials! The ABC commentary was better than Channel 7’s had been a month ago, with light touches but genuinely informative — and they knew when to shut up: unlike the commentator in the clip below, I’m afraid. We also found out why Adam Hills was one of the ABC commentators: he himself is missing a foot, something I hadn’t known.

It was heart-stopping seeing that guy hauling himself up hand-over-hand in his wheel-chair!


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3 responses to “2008 Beijing Paralympics Games – ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

  1. Beth McKinlay

    September 13, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    The televising of the paralympics by the ABC is excellent. It is so good to see these wonderful participants at long last given the TV viewing that they deserve. They are indeed the most dedicated and brave people one could ever have the pleasure to see. Also it is great to see so many of Chinese people have attend the events . The ABC deserves great praise for their handling of the covering and the stories behind our people have been wonderful.

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