Some changes here

13 Sep

As many will know my blogs here were compromised on 8 September. You can read my panic on the WordPress forum, keeping in mind that some of the entries under my name were written by the break-in merchant! I can guarantee everything after Sep 8, 2008, 3:07 PM. 😉 See also these entries on Journalspace, to which I retreated, and my thread on Aussie Bloggers.

One moral from all this: turn off anything which remembers passwords for you. 😦

Everything seems now to be fixed. However, the Gateway page has been a casualty. My old stats obsession will appear on Ninglun on Blogspot instead. I am moving the feeds to my other blogs higher up the side bar as a result; do check them whenever you come.

If you use “Contact” you will find it sends you to a new email address; yes, it is me!

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