The post-hack stats — the week that was

13 Sep

My little life raft in the past few days when this blog and my WordPress blogs were breached by an unprincipled hacker was Journalspace. The result on that long dormant blog was 312 page views from 117 visits to that blog in the past seven days (last Saturday to Friday) according to Google Analytics. On the blog you are reading now, which did briefly close during the week, there were 64 page views from 44 visits in the same period.

Floating Life Blogs on WordPress

Note the Gateway no longer exists. These stats are from WordPress.

Floating Life

314 views on Saturday, 355 on Sunday, 397 on Monday, 386 on Tuesday, 432 on Wednesday, 432 on Thursday, and 422 on Friday so far — still one hour GMT to go.

Top posts have been:

  1. Sarah Palin 503 views
  2. Australian poem: 2008 series #9 — The Angel’s Kiss 142
  3. 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games – ABC (Australia) 142
  4. NSW Local Government Election 2008 / Sutherland Shire Council D Ward 99
  5. The Hollowmen – ABC TV 44

Those open in new windows.

That is all I will give today, but the Sitemeter picture for all the Floating Life blogs, including Journalspace but not Blogspot: 4,594 views from 3,503 visits.


I just give the Sitemeter stats today: 3,073 views from 2,254 visits in the past week.

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