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Sitemeter again, and a Floating Life post-hack phenomenon

The (no longer “sticky”) post on Sitemeter yesterday has attracted a lot of readers. That poll is just going one way! I am so glad to see the FAST old green Sitemeter back in business though…

The post-hack (8 September it happened) reads of this blog are, for individually read posts, as follows:

  1. Sarah Palin 434 views since 8 September 2008
  2. NSW Local Government Election 2008 / Sutherland 173
  3. Australian poem: 2008 series #9 — “The Angel’s Kiss”  135
  4. 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games – ABC (Australia) 70
  5. Local government elections today in NSW, 57
  6. Sitemeter has changed 56
  7. The Great Surry Hills Book Clearance of 2005  51
  8. I’m back! 38
  9. Bigotry is not confined to the religious 26
  10. Normal service will resume shortly…. 22

What I am puzzling over is this graph — old Sitemeter version — for the past seven days on the Floating Life blogs:


1,119 page views yesterday! Why?

I am using Windows Live Writer again, I should add, as I am fairly sure from my reading relevant sites and reviews that it is secure enough, especially now I have trained it to forget passwords. Let’s hope so; I don’t want any more cockroaches here, thank you very much!

On that Sarah person

I am watching the whole soap opera with almost as much bemusement as I have been bringing to the collapse of the NSW Labor government. I have shut comment on that post, which has now attracted 2,536 reads! I suspected that comment may have gone on forever with no real advance in information. However, perhaps at some risk of attracting more, I will finish by referring you to ‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! Very interesting.

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Digital cameras designed for ants?

I am all in favour of miniaturisation but I really do need to get better fingers…

Yes, I have been learning how to use the Casio camera Sirdan gave me yesterday. I am of course totally grateful, but it is a bit of a change after 1) some years away from serious photography and 2) having in the past been used to a 1970s vintage SLR — long since stolen in a Glebe burglary. OK, I am enjoying the prospect, but it may be a little while before the fruits start appearing on Ninglun’s Specials.

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