New post on English/ESL — and something very relevant

17 Sep

Go to Another good edublog.

Note: Now that the Gateway has gone, I will alert you to new posts on the “Suite” as they happen. The update notices will stay sticky for a few days.

And another thing!

I see this just now on the WordPress blog: Protect Your Blog with SSL.

…WordPress has always taken steps to ensure that your data is safe. Now we want to make it easier than ever for you to avoid evil blogjackers that prey on security vulnerabilities… [The new whatsit] … encrypts your connection and helps prevent data scavengers from stealing your password and other info.

Now how appropriate is that, after recent events on this blog!

Visitor #260,000

That is, to all of Floating Life’s various manifestations since 7 July 2001, arrived at 11.30am our time from Iowa and looked at one of the Bill Henson posts.

New on Ninglun’s Specials


Just heard from Mark at WordPress. The old Gateway is hereby deleted…

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